Still not getting out of bed much.  The meds are making me sleepy during the day so I'm going to try to take the abilify in the morning and the anti depressant at night and see if that works ok.  I'm suppose to go do something today with my husband but I don't feel like it at all.  I told him yesterday we could go but I changed my mind.  He had a patient that passed so I figured he wasn't in the mood anymore. 
He wants to go see a movie and go eat chinese but I don't feel like it, not really.  I think its the part of getting myself ready that I don't feel like.  I loathe washing my hair because its long.  It will get dry if i do wash it everyday but then i'll wash it once a week cause i have no energy. 
I'm ready for a change in my life.  I'm so tired of feeling like this and being a home body.  I'm going to try to force myself to go today.  Wish me luck!