I can’t even remember which day I last wrote a journal on....um...Monday!! Oh, well, it matters not. I thought I would keep this journal light thus the little picture. For my us friends who will be celebrating columbus day we will be celebrating thanksgiving here in canada. Yummy... good eats!! The weekend promises to be sunny and fairly warm. I think I’ll get all my garden stuff and lawn furniture away. I may even get to doing some garden clean up. I never worry about the clean up part because the leaves usually fall and then before you can get to them it snows. That’s okay the organic matter is good for the soil.Sometime this weekend we must go to the other house 9 the one we were going to buy) and drag home some of the stuff we had stored there to make our place more "show" ready. It’s really not that mush, a few loads, just a pain! The house closing is oct 16 so it looks like this is the end. We will take the for sale sign down. It’s good because we won’t have to be concerned about it while we are away.We depart for our cruise at 8:00a.m. Sat. Oct. 25. We will be picked up by the bus and drive to boston. We overnight in boston. The next day we have a half day tour of the city and go to the pier at 12:00p.m. the ship leaves port at 4:00. We will arrive home in amherst on nov.2 at 10:00 p.m..Today was fun... not!!! I ordered 10 swimsuit pieces from sears and my mom gave me 5 pieces. I had to try them all on to see if I could get one outfit that I liked. Well, I actually found one really nice one in bright red from sears ( top.. Tank kini style plus a skirted bottom... really cute.. It hides a lot of sins.. If you know what I mean. Lol) plus the 5 pieces my mum gave me fit wonderfully and so I have 4 full suits and a black top that looks cute with the red bottoms. The lord must have been smiling on me today.I’ve been feeling a little off since Monday. My emotions are iffy, I want to be a lone. But today I feel better so I guess it has passed.Anyway, no more news. All of you keep well and have a nice evening. Debbie