Why is it that some women find it amusing to insult their daughters?  Is it they feel the girl is competition?  I've seen this in several different women of late and it disturbs me.  I wasn't lucky enough to have a daughter, although I have two wonderful sons.  I had wanted a girl, and if I had one, I would treat her with empathy and respect.  My poor niece gets hounded constantly and embarrassed by her mother because she's overweight.  Of course, my sister-in-law does the cooking in the house and bought the junk food that my niece has ate.  She's only 10...the niece, not the sister-in-law.  I may be over sensitive due to my own weight issues, but why make fun of the child?  I can just see the damage that's being done as my niece is like me... she keeps it all inside.  I've tried to be there for her... that's all I can do.
Why add more pain to an already painful situation?  Is empathy a lost art?
Of course, I hurt today... the arm is only slowly getting better.  For a touch typist, typing with one hand is difficult. 



Can you talk to your sister in law privately and tell her that ridiculing her daughter because she\'s overweight is abusive and emotionally harmful? Or will she cut off all ties?
What about talking to your brother? He should step up as the father and put a stop to that abuse. He\'s just as responsible if he allows it to go on.
As risky as it is to speak up, I think it should be done. If you are the only one brave enough to do it, then the job falls to you.
Someone has to intervene on this child\'s behalf. It\'s wrong to stand by and do nothing.
Argh!!!! Hunting and pecking!!!! I hope your arm improves enough to at least permit typing, soon!!!!! (((((Hugs)))))

My sister-in-law is one who warps anything said to her to \'war\' level. Her entire family is that way as they are constantly at each other\'s throats. Have to be so very careful in what is said to her. When she found out my diagnosis as BP, she was telling everyone and making it seem as if I was making it all up.

Granted, I\'m not much on self-care. Many days I don\'t feel like getting out of bed, let alone cleaned up or dressed nicely. I don\'t even wear makeup anymore, but I have actually heard my sister-in-law making snide remarks to others about my appearance.