Well, I have waited all morning for my new caseworker to show up when she made the appointment to be here at 9 am.  No phone call or anything.  Not that I could go anywhere with my shoulder busted, and the only place I want to go is to pick up my pain meds and some milk.  But still, it's so rude not to show up when you make an appointment.   But, she's about the fifth caseworker I've had in two years.  I only met her briefly when she made the appointment.  I hate the fact almost all of my care workers keep changing after two or three appointments.  I don't deal well with change and meeting strangers that I have to invite into my home... I hate it.   I had one caseworker who was steady for about a year but her husband got a new job and they moved.  Ever since.. it's been a revolving door.  Most of these are same age as my kids or maybe a little over.  I've nothing in common and I don't know them.   They don't know how it feels to be me. 



Ugh!!! How irritating!!!! I find that type of situation extremely stressful!!!!
I have a grown, mentally disabled son who receives respite services and it requires regular visits from caseworkers. It seems like his caseworkers always move on to another job, so I\'m faced with having complete strangers come to my house. It doesn\'t go well with my generalized anxiety disorder!! So I can well understand your dislike of the caseworker visits!!
I hope she has a good excuse for not calling at least and explaining why she couldn\'t make it.
I hope it gets straightened out to your satisfaction!!!!
I also hope that your shoulder improves rapidly!!! A broken shoulder sounds really painful!!!! (((((Hugs)))))