So tired!

These restless frightening nights are starting to ware me down. My psychiatrist adjusted my meds agin on Monday. I get to see my counselor today maybe it will help. I'm working really hard trying not to act out in any dysfunctional way, but my defenses are getting weaker day by sleepless day.The haunting issues with the SRA are really consuming me mentally, physically, spiritually and passionately. I believe what the bible says that when we are weak He is strong. I know He is sustaining me and I know He is helping me through this. I believe He can change things for me and help me in this trying time. I do not want to escape dealing with these issues, but I really could use a healthy nights rest! 
If you are a friend who believes in prayer would take a moment for me in your dicussion with God? I could really use some prayer if anybody is willing. At this point I have no clue what else to do.