I was happy yesterday with my boyfriend when we were spending time together. He's a really great boyfriend and helped me so much even when we were just friends. He stays with me even when I do randomly cry and randomly get upset. He doesn't get frustrated and doesn't fully understand why that happens. But, he knows it happens and he stays there with me through it,
I wish he didn't have to go through me crying all the time. I know he says that he doesn't mind. But, I don't want him to get tired of it all and leave, even though he said he wouldn't. That's just what other relationships I've had said. He's a bit different because he has some issues too and he can relate to having issues. But, he doesn't have the same issues as I do.
We both help each other out alot everyday. What I can do, he needs and what he can do, I need. So, it works out for both of us. I love the days where I can just talk to him without crying at all and actually feel a bit happy. It's happening less and less now because it's almost winter and everything is worse in winter.
But, I should keep thinking positively and not be all angry at myself. I don't know why I'm this way. But, I can make some guesses. Some of it is my fault and most of it isn't.
I should try to help myself even more so I can actually be more happy around my boyfriend. He's a really great boyfriend and has always been there for me more than most people. So, I should at least try a bit harder to do this so we both can be happy.