14 July 2011- A day to remember

14 July 2011
A day to celebrate life. A life to remember. To remember a truely amazing woman. A woman who was a wife, mother, and friend. Prue Welsh.
The first time I met Prue was at a regatta for Langley Crew. She was the mother of Stephanie Welsh who was two years younger than me. I had taken Stephanie under my wing like a sister and she wanted to introduce me to her mother. Prue adopted Stephanie and her brother when they were just toddlers. She cared for them just like she was their true mother. She gave them the best life a mother could give her children.
I grew closer to Prue over time since we both played in the Bell Choir at my church. Since graduating college I have played with them occasionally for special occasions when needed. About a year ago after a practice, Prue came up to me and said something that I will never forget. She said, "I wish you could play with us every week. Seeing you and having you here reminds me of my Stephanie who I miss very much." A very long hug followed that. I could see how much she missed Stephanie in her eyes. I felt honored that she felt connected to her daughter through me.
For the past two years Prue has batteled breast cancer. She has gone to various treatments and kept a positive attitude. Until the day she passed she continued to be active in all her usual activites. It is so sad to see another individual taken away by cancer. It just is not fair.
Even though cancer has taken Prue away, her spirit will always be here and she will always be looking down upon her family from heaven. Yesterday Prue's family asked the Bell Choir if they could play at her Memorial Service on 23 July 2011, since playing bells was the highlight of each week for her. I know she will be looking down at us with a large smile on her face while we play a song that is dedicated just for her.