I put a heading that is funny but in a way it is not.  I was doing laundry today and i went to hang it out, (since i live in the phoenix area it dryes faster than the dryer) i stepped over a coontail rattle snake and it was hissing at me and boy did i run lol.  My brother came over and rescued me thank God.  Thank God i had just grabbed my cell phone and took it with me.  Then i went with my dad and brother to work on our church and there were two huge scorpions under a board and again i screamed lol.  I have been stung by them and it isn't any fun but you do survive those.  I was cleaning up the area i was working in and i killed a black widow.. i wonder what God is telling me today, even tho you are living your life, somehow i am protecting you.  So i guess when i say i want a different day this is the kind i get, not good but it could have turned out very different. Like in the hospital from a snake bite ...  Love to you all  DAwn