I'm just going to say it, because I wont say it anywhere else. This may not apply to this forum but I guess I don't care. I've been cutting myself since I was 12, I'm 17 now. I told an adult for the first time about a month or two ago, then gave her my knives and cigarettes maybe 2 weeks ago. I've been cut free for 19 days today. Not much, but that's a lot for me. Last fall when I was in Florida and couldn't cut (I did, but just once) I started making myself throw up, made myself stop doing that but sense then my eating has gotten weird, it was always weird I would starve myself for days, simply because I wasn't hungry, or eat everything in sight. In the few days after I got rid of my knives and cigs I started making myself puke again, I don't do it daily but by this time I'm a pro at puking, eating near to nothing, and hiding the evidence. It took me years to admit I had a problem with cutting, I don't want to admit this is a problem, I don't want it to be, I just want it to be something that feels good... but that's how I felt about cutting too.I know I have an addiction to cutting, I don't want to admit that I have something wrong food wise..... I don't want to admit I might have an eating disorder... I already have too many problems as it is without admitting something else that makes me feel good, is a problem.