I haven't cut in 86 days. Just sayin.
Saturday will be 90 days and October 19th
will be 100 days, I'm not sure if I feel accomplished
or not. I think I've gone this long before and just started again.
I don't want to start again. I want the addiction.
But I don't want to hurt my Lucy, or Katey or Josh.
I don't want to admit to even myself that I've failed again.
I think I really can do this this time.
I truly and honestly do.
And then I start doubting myself like just now, two seconds ago.
I don't want to fail. Honestly I can't bear that. I wont.
I'm not going to be the one to tell Lucy I failed. I won't.
Okay. Ramble. This took longer than I thought it was going to.
Gots to go to school now. Gir.



Happy October 18th the big 99 days! How\'s u feeling!!! I\'m excited and I haven\'t even accomplished anything! October 19th I\'m sending u balloons mm or cake;))