i had such a gd time last night.  it was so gd 2 get out.  2day im exhausted and kinda blah.  i havent bn out of the bed yet 2day. 
i went to buy a car at an auction on saturday.  i was disappointed by the prices.  on the cars i was interested in the prices started at 3000.  i was hoping to spend less.  the auction place has a bunch of fees on top of the price.  im trying 2 hold onto some money.  i wanna go back 2 school and i nd 2 pay money back b4 i can register.
i heard from my sister in law.  children didnt go 2 church and she was concerned b/c she didn't c them.  i wonder if she ever cared about me.  when my husband and i were 2gether she acted as if wh......doesnt matter.
it just occurred to me that i may not b the most inviting person where shes concerned.  i dont reach out to her either.