ok so its June and i still dont have a job. ive put n applications online but my b/f says its not good enough but any time you go to a store and ask for an app. they tell you 'do it online'. but thats not the only problem ive got, i have HPV and it is cancerous and i still havent gotten it checked out. i have a doctor appointment in three days which seems so far away. they have to look in my crotch with a microscopic camera and scrape off parts of the virus to see if its melignant or some shit. i could care less what they do to me, just make me better. anyways i havent been able to fall asleep and right now its 6 in the morning the only way i can is if im high which sux because i havent had any weed in like 4 days, mike and i are fighting over stupid shit and im about ot go over the deep end. but i dont know what else to say so im gonna try to go to sleep. ood night