Ok, so its been a while and not alot has happend. I dyed my hair yesterday my natural color(brown) and then i went out to my sisters bar (www.thepiglive.com) and wacthed some bands play for a battle of the bands kinda shin-digg. anyways i cant say ive made any friends but it does help to get out of my house and be around people. i talked to a couple chicks in the bathroom and one of the band members from Drop Zero after they played but nothin important was said, other than he told me last week somebody stole his leather coat which is pretty shitty so i told him if it made him feel any better i voted for the band he played in.after we got back home we got high and i went back to being my lazy, normal self. i was watching Comedy Central and there was a skit on there by Dane Cook and it was just fuckin hell-arious. there wasnt a time that i didnt have a smile on my face while i was watching it. he is just so fuckin funny. one thing he was talkin about was goin down on a girl and she smelled really bad and the only way he could dicribe the smell was that she washed her pussy with another dirty pussy. i never laughed so hard. but anywasys, something completly off subject: i went to my docter this past Friday and i asked her about my anixiety and my stomach pain so i have to go back next week. but i dont really have anything else to write.