OK. So kevin is gone for a week. Yes I feel uneasy about him being gone and the fact I miss him? Maybe I miss the suspense between us. Not quite sure but I spoke with my girl friend about it. She agrees missing him so soon isn't a good thing. Maybe shes right. I've only seen him twice! Guess I'm letting the fact he's so adorable  make my feelings fall into the "lust" category despite my feelings towards sex being only apropriate in  stable monogamous relationships. He's so easy to talk to I think.
And then there is Fernando. I've only been sending mails back and forth via Facebook. He messaged me because he recognised me being an ex girlfriend of his. Turns out I have a twin of some sorts. I already have a real twin yet we look nothing alike. lol He likes me and wants to take me out. I taken a like to him of a sort and would like to meet him in person.
I'm so tired of love though. I'm always being let down or making stupid mistakes. i can't handle rejection or feeling not good enough. Yet I find myself in these dumb situations. Lame.