((sigh)) I haven't been feeling well for 2 weeks now. Damn bad cold. My AF is due this coming up sunday/monday and the pms already kicked in..now...
today after he got home from work he kept goosing me, altho I tried making it clearly via body language that I wasn't into it. When I told him later on, while waiting for kids to fall asleep that my pms moods have kicked in, along with cramps for the next week...he just gave me "the look". Now, He tried "getting me" w/in the last week. And, I sent him a text, feeling bad that I fell asleep, saying that altho I fell asleep the night before, he'd get me that night...well...it's been about a week, if not more.....He was supposed to "get me no matter what" saturday night.
Now, let me add that I took off the parental controls on the tv recently.
should I be worried?
Due to our sicknesses, as he's coming down with it supposedly, we skipped this weeks couples hourly bitch fest
can a man with a high sex drive go for a week without release?