Just found out my ex Johnny is getting married.  I'm not going to lie, it hurts to think he got over me and wanted to marry someone ELSE.  We were engaged and once i found out he cheated i left him after pondering a lot about it.  I'll never forget the way i felt the day i left him.  I felt sick to my stomach, i couldnt take it anymore, all the crying the heartache and heartbreak.  He hasnt even been with that chick a year as far as i know.  A cry will come out i suppose but why would he be worth it?  All we did was fight argue and not talk to each other for weeks at a time holding a grudge. 
On the greener side, Billy and i NEVER fight.  I cling to him a LOT!  I love him VERY much.  Words cant explain the love i have with him.  He is my rock.  I finally cried to him the other day about how i cant stand living with his brother.  He's supposed to have a talk with him.  I didnt mean to but he cried too.  I dont mean to put him in a bad position, but i dont think i deserve the treatment his brother gives me.  Billy agrees and he's JUST like me, he doesnt like to fight and doesnt like confrontation.  We always say we're 'two peas in a pod'!  It's cute i really do love him a lot.  HIs cousin started telling us that too about the two peas in a pod.  It's even cuter because we never mentioned it to her.  Billy and i came to the compromise to where we'd move out and leave the place to his brother.  I've already started looking at other places because i cant stand to be around him much longer.  I told Billy i was getting ready to move out, that's when he said no that he doesnt want to lose me.   I've even asked him in the past if a relationship is what he really wanted.  He said yes back then too.   I know he love me and i'm very grateful for him.  Once his brother is not living with us or we move out; everything will be PERFECT!