Much better day today. 
Really good session with Joanna.
Bill (from langley crew) called me last night and so i called him back this morning. He had left a meeting last night from the Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association and wanted to let me know that two schools were in desperate need for hriing coaches. It was very sweet of him to let me know that. He also said that I was always welcome to come back to Langley but my response was, "Thank you, but I do not see that happening anytime in the near future."
I also found out that his son, who I adore, got into William & Mary- I was soooo excited and happy for Matthew!! 
But since talkint to him...Mike and crew have been on my mind.
Overall in general, I am still feeling very thrown aside, depressed, worthless, and have a HUGE lack of confidence. 



I think the best medicine for your low self esteem is applying for those coaching positions.
I\'m glad you had a good session with Joanna. Hope this day stays good and you get a break for once.

I don\'t think I can add coaching that far away at this moment. It\'s the same distance as where I used to coach and I just don\'t know.