i sent the last journal to my dad...he responded...
carlos text me and said we are going to go to the movies...im so confused
daddy's response:
First, everyone needs someone they can confide in and talk frankly with.  I don't see it as being needy and I don't feel like you are running for attention.  Maybe at one time I did, but not now.  You just need someone to share with what you are feeling. Of course, there needs to be boundaries.  Like not calling really late at night unless it is an emergency.  
I am more than happy to be that person.  You have been using Joanna as that person but she can't be there 24/7 and she is your Therapist not your buddy or family.   So she has to maintain even stricter boundaries.  I am sure she received your email, thought to herself that it was positive, and restrained from responding because that might engage additional conversations when those conversations should be during the sessions.  Perhaps at the next session you could suggest that when you send her an email all she needs to do is respond saying she received it and that's it.  You send it not to engage in discussion but to make sure you get it out while it is fresh in your mind.  Then you know she got it and not wondering about why she didn't respond.  But then again, she might just say for you to send it to yourself then print it out and bring it with you.  If so, then that is just the way it has to be.  
As for the weight, I am confident that when you get to the healthy weight zone, you will be able to throttle back and stay within that zone.  People are going to say that you are looking healthier and that hopefully will be a positive reinforcement that you are doing the right thing.  You said all the right things in the email about it is going to be hard but it is something you have to do.  So you are on the right path.  Just keep climbing the mountain, one square inch at a time and moving forward,
You will learn to control your emotions.  You know how some people will cry at movies and some people don't.  Whatever is in those people who cry, you apparently have an overabundance of it.  At one time you had some medication that countered it but apparently it is no longer working.  That is why I think it is a good idea you try another doctor which you are doing on Tuesday. We will eventually crack this case.  
Mom is calling me now to go out to dinner.  We can email some more when I get home.