Home :)

Home again. So happy to see my babies :) (that is pisco and the little one). It is weird being back home though. The cruise was amazing. It was so wonderful having so much one on one time with Carlos. This was our first vacation alone. We were together every second! Holding hands, snuggling, arms around it eachother, etc. People saw us and thought we were honeymooners! It was phenomenal. Yest, it could of been better if I were not so paranoid and anxious of the food, but regardless it was amazing! I did not think I was nearly going to have as much fun as I did!! We can't wait to go on another one!!!
The highlights of the trip were:
Day 1 in Nassau- we went snorkling in a beautiful reef and I even got to touch fishies!!!
Day 2 in CocoCay- beautiful white sandy beach and aqua blue ocean! We rent a kayak and saw lots of Stingrays!!! Each time we saw one we would follow it. We probably saw 6-8 of them. Some VERY large one's and some small ones!!
Day 3 in Key West- walked a lot. Went to the butterfly conservatory- AMAZING! omg I had sooooo much fun!! LOVED IT!!! Then we went to the southern most point of the United States!!!
I even read THREE books on the cruise- that was great!!!
Lastly I want to apologize for not reading and commenting on anyone's journals, I feel so guilty. I will start up again soon.