Today we are in Key West. It is our last day on the cruise. Tomorrow we get back
To Miami and fly home. It has been wonderful. The ship is a lot smaller and older than ones I have been on in the past- which makes it seem really shitty. Oh well. It has been great to just be alone with Carlos.

I feel like an obese cow with all the food I have been eating. I mean I have been picking at things left and right so i have no idea really what I am consumig- but I have been trying to keep a count of the calories each day. I have not purged because Carlos has been with me constantly. And when I need to use the bathroom he insists we go back to the stateroom. There has been a lot of walking- but i don't think enough to cover all the calories. I am terrified to go back home an weigh myself. Today I'm going to try to eat less and walk more. Then starting tomorrow I should be able to go back to my routine prior to the cruise- thank goodness.

In addition to sending Joanna what I wrote about my eating habits I also sent it to my dietitian. She responded and asked if she could talk to Joanna about it. Joanna also sent me a text when I asked her to please tell me if she had trad all my emails. She responded saying 'I can not respond in text or email. it seems like this is all stuff that should be talked about in session. I read everything and we can talk about it all when you get back. Have fun'

I think we are going to have a Lot to talk about. Okay off to explore key west and all the bars it's known for. Yahooooo



Has it really been wonderful Steff? It sounds like it was all about ed and worrying and behaviors. I think you missed out on a lot of true joy. I truly hope you will be in a better place soon. Congrats on making it without Joanne for that long. It shows that you are stronger than you think.