I just want to write and say thank you to everyone on DS for your support. You all are such wonderful and encouraging people.
Today has been a MUCH better day than this past week. I went to practice (meaning I have been awake since 4am) and I STILL have TONS of energy!! I did have some chocolate and A LOT of diet coke and coffee today though....that could be part of the reason. Still haven't eaten much but am feeling good.
I think I'm also really happy because I found a therapist that seems nice. She is in the same office as my dietiitan, has evening appointments AND will give me a lower price...aka $100 instead of $200 per session. She is also willing to work with insurance and do whatever it takes!!! SO PSYCHED!!
Tonight I have to go to my mom's after work...eeeek. AND I have to have dinner there...fuck. Then my dad and I are going to look at new insurance plans for once I leave this job and go back to school. Fuck again. Oh well, at least my day has been happy thus far!



I\'m SO glad to hear today was a good day for you, Steff! I\'m also SUPER glad you found what seems to be a good therapist! I really, REALLY hope it works out with her! :)

Ahhh, good luck with seeing your mom, I know you\'re not looking forward to that. Just take it one minute, one bite at a time. I know you can do it. :)

Well I managed to survive the night with my mother! Only one argument/flair up at dinner (and I didn\'t even say anything- I just let everyone bitch and scream while I sat there...it was fucking hilarious!!)

I did eat real food though and now feel horrible :( It was interesting though tonight- I kind of just observed my family---very interesting. While my sister and mother bitched about me being scrawny and bitched for me not eating certain things my father just sat there and after dinner asked if I wanted ice cream (he knows the best way to get me to eat is to get me something I love and can\'t live without!!)

I love my dad :) He\'s the best :)

Anyways, hope you\'re surviving at home as well Jillian :) XOXO!!

4am!! Wow. I wish I had that sort of energy. I\'m so pleased to hear that you had a better day. Let\'s hope there are lots more to come :) Just one day at a time, yeh..?
Well done for going to your parents house and having dinner with them. I\'m really glad your Dad was able to be on \'your side\', even if it wasn\'t really his intention to do so. I\'m sure your Mum and sister think that they are helping, but just don\'t realise that in fact, they\'re doing the opposite!!
Keep going Tux, keep fighting. Maybe set yourself a little goal/target today, to eat something, like two small snacks, or a proper meal, but healthy of course. Maybe by strieving to suceed at something and hopef. accomplishing it will fill you with some sort of encouragement and \'sucess\' and might motivate you to try it again another day - I know ed don\'t really work logically, but it might be worth a try. I\'m sorry if it\'s a shit decision. I just want to try and help xoxo

Lol it\'s not a shit decision Frankie! It\'s a great idea- just a matter of following it!
Thanks for the advice! I\'ll let you know if it works lol.