#4 is here. They drove past me Friday I think it was. I've had a total melt down so I'm not quite sure when it was. Been sleeping a lot to avoid the pain. Wasn't sure what day it was today until I looked at TV. Don't know where Saturday went. Don't remember if I've eaten today. Or yesterday. I think I ate Friday. I think it was a bowl of cereal. and coke.
Have to go to work tomorrow and I'm in no shape. But so much to do before we get out for Christmas break. And get things ready for my trip which I am seriously considering canceling.
Money tight. Ginger cost me a fortune. Boarding, get shots up to date. She had a bad ear infection on both sides. heartworm test. had hook worms so meds...I accidentally cut her when i was cutting her hair and they had to use staples to close that up.Have to take her tomorrow to get staples out. But she still loves me...go figure. Yes, I am having a full blown pity party and I dont care. If I didnt have to work tomorrow I'd get drunk.



So very sorry you are having such a rough time!!
Hope you can find a way to a better and more peaceful place very soon!!! (((hugs)))