The wind howled to the night sky The moon, gazed down gently at the lively Earth,The ground soaking up the moonlight like a desperate parched beingA man lay on the ground, gasping for a breathHis old, weak hands clawed at his chestTrying to tear off the pain like it was a parasiteLeaching off his life forceHis eyes,Wide with panic and fear,Searched in vain for a glimpse of hope,A small vision of help,But to no availThe wind picked up like the frantic beating of his dying heart,Creating a soft drumming in his earsThe music of deathA figure stood over him,Drenched in blackHooded, veiled, and darkBlack wings sprouting from his back reflected the pale moons lightEbony hair flooded the dying corpse's vision as this, seemingly, god of death lowered his hoodRevealing a timeless pale faceEndless black eyes, so easy to get lost inAnd blood red lips forming an alluring smileThen this creature smirked dangerously The light glinting off his fangsAnd said, in sync with the melody of death,"You're time has expired. I must take you."The deadly music picked up in speedAnd the old man struggled, taking one last breathWith his last exhale, his life force slowly left his bodyLeaving behind nothing but a rotting corpse of wrinkled fleshThe creature faded awayOff to steal another poor souls lifeHumming a soft tune under his breathThe mans song, is done.
I don't even remember when I wrote this. This one is worse than the others but I decided I wanted to put it up anyway.