i remeber when my cousin came into my room on one of my previous birthdays and saw me and my close friend under the covers together. we weren't doing anything, and i was probably only 14 or 15 at the time, not yet in full realization of anything about myself. my friend and i jumped out of the covers as soon as we realized what the expression on her face was for. she thought were gay together. i love my friend, but i just couldnt imagine being in bed with her, she's not my type, but not even that crossed my mind at that time. once my cousin saw that we weren't doing anything she came in and we all laughed about it. i thought that was the end of that.
3 months later i see one of my other cousins, the only cousin i really ever talk to and she tells me of rumors spreading around the family that i was homosexual and was caught fooling around with my girlfriend. my blood turned to ice at the thought of all my auntys and uncles and cousins a like sitting around discussing my orientation, not that i thought i was gay to begin with. i asked my parents if they thought i was gay, and i were absolutey horrified at the question, telling me it wasn't true and how it's a sin and so on. i tell them what my cousin said about me and we put a stop to it.
this was not the first time someone accused me of being gay and hasn't been the last. ever since i descovered the truth that i actualy am gay, i smile at all the time i spent in my life swearing to God i wasn't. Ironic almost that this is the out come. if i ever decide to tell my family, im sure they'll whisper i told you so's to each other. and the cousin who spread that rumor would probably get a good shock. i would tell her just to see the expression on her face.
felt i had to say that....