I haven't been around much.  I want to, but I've just been exhausted.  I'm over the hump of week one back and the new schedule, so I think it will resolve soon.  I was in no way ready to go back to Arabic at this level.  The gears are grinding and on day three, I was just starting to feel a cog catch to start those wheels spinning again.  I am happy with all my professors thus far and classes, looks like it will be a neat semester as far as subject matter and no professor stress.  Not as happy with my schedule, it is a lot of back and forth and back to back, which leaves little time for making a living.  And it's just been so hot.  We only had a couple day reprieve from the triple digits and although I knew it would be a difficult Ramadan in this heat...I think this heat would be exhausting with water!!
My daughter thought it a grand idea to jump off a 10 foot rail and tore tendons in both feet, has been on crutches and just switched to a walking boot today.  She thinks maybe she can drive in the morning, which will be a huge relief.  I feel like I've spent what time I have outside of class in a continual school traffic jam dropping off and picking up kids!  She tried to inform me that the decision making part of the brain is not fully developed until sometime in your 20's.  So, I explained that's why I get to give her a hard time and lecture for at least the next two weeks :)
I have three for pleasure books sitting here waiting for us all to get back in the groove of all of us in school.  I hope to get to one this weekend.  Maybe that will stop my bitching, and for once, I'm straight out bitchy...too hot, too many trips in a hot car, too many facts in too few days on not enough sleep.  Now that I came, updated, bitched, at least I feel I've spent a moment of purely me time and that really, really makes me feel much better and like I can go to bed in a better space!!!