I am glad it's Friday.  I have my Literature paper written, my speech written and practiced and my clothes for tomorrow prepared.  After this journal, it's off to bed I go.  We were able to put the majority of the house back in order from the remodeling today.  I'm looking forward to a weekend of finishing touches on this stage and a brief break from school stress.
I had a date with the guy I've mostly been seeing on Tuesday night.  We had a fun evening, as usual.  The only thing I've noted so far is that we end up in limbo a lot.  Apparently, neither of us are big planners/deciders.  It takes a long time to decide when, where, how.  After 20 minutes of deciding, we finally reach a restaurant.  Then we are finishing our first drink before we have decided on which appetizer to order.  After we eat, we have no clue where we are going.  He's not necessarily in the mood for where we often go dance, but this is a small town and limited choices, especially on a Tuesday evening.  So, we drive around until I'm wondering if we will be three towns away soon.  I finally assert that we can go to the usual place, just have a couple of drinks, and then return since he's not in the mood for a full night of dancing.  He did mention that I sounded a bit snippy by the time I decided this and said, well, I thought someone should make a decision.  Then the place has this all the sudden new rule that men must wear collared shirts and he's not.  So, this time, I immediately put out the options.  Here or here.  He chose one and off we went.
Everything else went smoothly.  For now, I'm putting this down to the fact that although he's from here originally, he hasn't lived here in years and may not really know where to go and that I've been in relationship hell over the last many years and don't really have much of a clue myself!!  I am hopeful that through my new social connections at the university that I'm trying to formulate, I might eventually have a clue as to where I prefer or don't prefer to go around here!!  He will be here until at least October and so, we shall see.
I have such mixed feelings, which I know originate with the N.  That if I am not proactive in planning entertainment, it is my fault.  And that if I make a decision, it is my fault that it was a horrible plan.  At this point I am aware of this and my main goal is to familiarize myself with what is available so that I can enjoy the things I enjoy and feel more secure with whatever decision or non-decision I'm involved with.