I'm so upset right now. Why can't I just trust? Why can't I just see that Andrew means well and wouldn't hurt me? i seen a questionable conversation on his facebook and I blew up. He doesn't deserve this. He loves me, or so he tells me. So why can't I just believe that and be happy? Why can't I be like a normal person and be comfortable in a relationship rather than scared? Why? Why? Why? I just want to crawl into his arms and be there forever, but I can't be with him 24/7. How can I make it thru deployment if I can't even make it thru drill?



Oh my been there done that. Gone ballistic over txts and
messages on myspace from the ex =[ been on the verge of just ending everything. But my partner has been so patient wt my outbursts and has calmed me down and explain everything. My partner has never cheated on me and I\'m always stressing for no reason. It takes time and I\'m still working on it just had a fight this weekend. But we gotta commit to it to change for ourselves so that we could have a better relationship.