I can't believe it's been almost a month since I've been on DS! I got sick after my last journal entry and stayed sick through the holiday. I tried to stay in bed before we left town to visit family, but think I only partially got better before I took the long drive and then was busy with all of the holiday festivities. When we got back on New Year's, I found that I was exhausted. My cold is stubborn and has stuck around. I am still sneezing and stuffy though not as bad as the first few days we got back home.
I've been in bed quite a lot since we got back - trying to get over the cold. It's been a strange few weeks - trying to get over my cold, but also trying to exercise (we joined a gym!).
Tonight marks the third night we've been to our new gym. I realized that I need to take it at a steady pace rather than trying to kill myself every single time I'm at the gym or else I'll probably end up too sore and discouraged to keep going. I realized that in the past, unless I was working as hard as possible, I didn't think it "counted." This time, I've been consciously trying to take it a bit easier at the gym since I still have my cold, but noticed that I am still sore the next day or so. It must mean that the work I'm doing, though I don't feel like I'm killing myself - is doing something! It all ties into my all-or-nothing attitude about things. This is probably a good lesson.
Other than the gym, I've been trying to stay positive about this year. It's hard though - being sick, and sleeping so much reminds me of when I was really depressed not so long ago.
I find that I am still trying to sort out what to do about work: both short and long term. The holidays were a nice break, but I guess it's time to get back to reality.
I do have a trip planned next week to visit my brother and sister since we didn't get to see each other for the holiday. I hope I will have vanquished my cold by then so I can play with my niece and nephew!