SO I didn't make it out of the house on my own - the fog was rolling in and the temperature had dropped a lot very quickly...and a host of other excuses I could come up with, but really, I just wasn't feeling great today. I am going to try not to feel too badly about not doing it on my own.
My fiance came home and took me out for a that's something. My cheeks are still freezing from the walk. And my ears. But I'm sweating. Blech.
I noticed that I didn't feel very communicative on my walk today. I guess I just really need to buckle down on the sleep and med regulation. That extra bit of Nuvigil makes a big difference...and waking up a little earlier helps me feel better about myself for the rest of the day. It's crazy how these little things we take for granted can have such a huge effect on mood and function. I guess the only way to learn is the hard way sometimes.