Hi all. well the biggest concern for me right now is moving. I've found a roommate and like all roommates, she has her flaws. recently I became more nervous and consulted some friends. I'm considering getting my own place and will look at some one bedrooms to get that option rolling. but for now I think I"m still leaning towards sharing with her. now we have a second roommate we're considering! So I met with her one and one to chat and everything seems like it will work well except one thing. she is a no sex before marraige young woman-christian- ! and she said she would be uncomforatble if *I* had a young man in my bedroom with me overnight, a.k.a., having sex. so we're going to both take a day and think what we can come up with. I told her I am an adult who occasionally engages in adult activities. but that might help me with my boundaries.