We (the family) have been busy this week. We are painting the TV room. Our house is 25yrs old and I think it has only been painted once. We have had to do alot of spackling, sanding, washing, and we are almost done priming.
The people that lived here before us had over 2,000 nic-nacs. They were everywhere. So we had a buttload of holes and cracks to fill in, caused by all of the nails they used. We are about half way.
It has also been extremely humid. It makes you feel quite dizzy and high with all of the paint fumes. It wasn't this way the day before we started, but we are not stopping now.
Changing subjects...I go to this gym and they had a promotional thing going. If you went to 20 classes in six weeks you would get a free hat. They kept saying the hats were really cute. I thought it was a strange way to describe a baseball hat. So my husband and I picked up our hats yesterday. My husband wasn't happy. They are not exactly what I would call a traditional baseball hat. I think they were trying to be more contemporary, but they just looked very feminine. I don't wear hats because they always hit the back of my glasses. We decided to just give them to our daughters. They seem to love them. So all of that sweating wasn't for nothing I guess.
Moving on...My libido has dropped drastically for some reason. I'am not necessarily upset by it. I'm honestly just surprised. I have been a sexaholic for so long it is just strange to have it suddenly stop. It's not completely gone. It's probably what most would define as normal.
Being bipolar can cause you to change tracks quickly. The human brain will never, ever cease to amaze me. I'am doing well for the most part. I struggle everyday trying to deal with stress. Four months ago I lived in darkness, madness, and extreme emotional pain. I thought of suicide everyday. I just wanted to make the pain stop! Thank God I had my kids and husband that kept me anchored enough to hold on. I still don't exactly now where it came from, but God seems to have given me a break. I haven't had clarity and peace like this for over 5yrs.
I hope it lasts.