Okay, so I think I'm going pregnancy induced crazy right now. I went to the zoo for the birthday party, but I left after they opened gifts. I just wasn't feeling the walking around the zoo and looking at animals all day thing. When I got home I picked up my mom and we went to Target trying to find this cute St. Patricks Day outfit in newborn so Jaycie can wear it that day. The first one we went to didn't have it, and I spent probably $30 on other baby stuff there (I'm a clearance rack shop-a-holic). We go to another Target and they have the outfit. Me and my mom were looking around, and I just kept having this urge to buy whatever. I spent like $150 at that Target. I got some sleepers and onesies for when she's a little older and some more blankets and bibs and toys.. Then I go and get me some new flip flops.. several different pairs (it's a good thing I don't know what size I'll be after I have the baby since I've lost weight throughout the pregnancy so I can't go buy myself clothes) and then I bought 2 purses. The shopping ends there, but not the madness. We came home and changed clothes and started cleaning. I was on my hands and knees scrubbing part of the floor until my mom was like what the hell are you doing? We got the entire downstairs cleaned up, then I had the fancy idea of taking all my dogs upstairs for a bath. I have two rat terriers - smaller sized dogs and one pit bull who is a freaking monster and weighs close to 100 lbs. Nesting a bit? I think so. But it's done good though because now today is almost over and I'm tired and everything is coming together for Jaycie to come home!! This is a really good feeling everyone. I actually feel like I have some importance in my life again.. Like maybe there's meaning again or something like that. I've wondered how everyone else felt - To anyone else who's expecting after a loss... I am practically overjoyed right now. I still miss my son, I've thought about him all day also. But my heart doesn't ache right now. It's a good throb that I have going on in my chest. I'm so excited for her to be here and I can't wait to hold my precious little girl in my arms!!