I saw him in person for the first time today. Since new years I have texted him and facetimed him alot but seeing him in person was so much to take in. I didn't know what to do I froze and then ran to the hallway and just crouched down on the wall. He walked over to see if I was okay and he touched my arm in a consoling way but all I could focus on was flashbacks of the night he rapped me. He invited me to his new apartment and I didn't know what to say but I went in not looking for anything except a glass of water to calm myself down. He was really nice and he apopligized to me for everything. It was so nice to hear those word come from his mouth.



I think it's great you have that strength to forgive. But i feel you are being lowered back into the lion's den. Most rapists use this method ( Nice ) Until it happens again. Question? Would you camp out in a field in Africa at night and expect the wildlife to leave you alone. NO! And that's how rapists are. Once they a taste the come back for more. Please proceed with caution. Please be vigilant and hear the warnings.