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This community focuses on weight loss issues for teenagers, and covers topics including strategies for weight loss and a discussion about what the appropriate weight expectations for teenagers should be. Weight loss, in the context of medicine or health or physical fitness, is a reduction of the total body weight, due to a mean loss of fluid, body fat or adipose tissue and/or lean mass, namely bone mineral deposits, muscle, tendon and other connective tissue. Most teens gain weight more rapidly during this time as the amounts of muscle, fat, and bone in their bodies changes. All that new weight gain can be perfectly fine ? as long as body fat, muscle, and bone remain in correct proportion. Because some kids start developing as early as age...

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  • SilentlyScreaming

    Weight Loss Buddy :)

    Hi,My name is Tara, I'm 18 and 182 pounds. My goal weight is 130 pounds. I am also graduating high school and would love to have lost enough weight by then to wear a dress without feeling ugly or gross. Anyways, I'm looking for someone perferably close to the same age as me to help motivate each other to reach our weight loss goals! 
  • books_aregreat123

    Weight Loss Buddy

      Hello! I am in search of a weight loss buddy who would like to motivate each other. I'm currently 194 (sigh) and am wanting to loose some weight by September or preferably earlier. My goal is 160! I am sixteen years old, female and am looking for someone who I hope will become good friends with. I have social media and whatnot which we can communicate in later if you'd like. Feel free to...
  • Beth793

    Free Coaching

    Hi! I am offering 28 days or 4 weeks of free coaching to you guys! I will calculate your macros, plan your meals based on foods you enjoy, and give you weekly exercises! Please email me at elizabeth83752@gmail.com. First come, first serve! I hope this helps! 
  • Vanessatheloaf

    Looking for support

    Hi my names Vanessa have bipolar disorder and well I'm fat I'm 13 and although it looks like less I'm 235 pounds I've struggled with weight since forever and with fitness testing at school I realize how out of shape I am since I'm going to a new school I've also felt presured I have no home support and have been feeling really lost and alone I'm just looking for some friends who know what it's...
  • Rosie23

    Looking for a weight loss buddy

    In need for someone who can motivate me and I can motivate you. I'm 18 years old and 5'4. I currently weigh 190. So far I lost 14lbs and would like to weigh 170lbs before August. Looking for someone around 17-19. Who can help me when I'm down. And support each other no-mater what. 
  • dorian123

    Weight loss group chat

    Hi Guys! I've read a lot of the post here and I am to in need of a motivation weight loss budy. I was thinking it was a good idea to start a groupchat on kik for a lot of the people who posted on here. We could send motivational quotes and hopefully become a good supportive group to eachother. I am a female age 17 who is looking to loose weight. If this seems interesting to you kik me @...
  • melaningoddess

    Motivation buddy/ need help

    I'm 16 turning 17 and it's my junior year and I'm a soon to be senior in high school. I really want to be motivated and loose weight before I go off to college in a year because I want to start off that new chapter of my life with a whole lot of confidence and live a better healthier lifestyle. I'm looking for a buddy (preferably female a male would be fine ) who I could be friends with and...
  • fatrolls

    Joined to see if anyone else feels like me

    I'm 15 and I weigh 190 pounds, some boys call me an ssbbw because i have fat thighs and a massive belly and double chin, I've also been called pregnant many times. Does anyone else not go out to clubs at night because they know their clothes will look crap and they will be the fattest in the picture, well that's me all 190 pounds of me. My stomach is 41 inches, 11 inches larger than recommended...
  • _KeyKey_

    Weight loss buddy?

    I'm Keke! I'm 14 and 218lbs and 5'4. I want to lose at lease 80lbs and I want to be able to play supports as good as I could when I was smaller. Does anyone want a partner? preferably someone who has some things in common. I love sports and am very mature and almost done with high school (11th grade). 
  • ranchdressing

    Weight loss buddies!

    Hey y'all! I'm looking for someone who is also trying to lose weight and someone who can motivate me, and I'll motivate you in return! I am 15 years old and I'm still in the beginning stages of my weight loss journey. My first goal is to lose twenty pounds and then I'd like to take up running and hiking and hopefully continue on strong in my weight loss journey. I don't have any friends who...
  • Cetuba2012

    Just joined, trying to loose weight

    Im 14 going on 15 soon and I'm looking to loose around 40 pounds. I have been overweight my whole life and now since I'm  going into high school I would like to loose the weight but have no idea where to start or what to do.
  • missdisneyprincess

    I want a buddy

    hi I am a 16 year old girl about to turn 17 in may I am really wanting someone to share my weight loss journey with (preferably female and around my age) I weigh 220 right now I gained a lot of weight in the past year do to a slow metabolism but I have already lost about 8 pounds the reason I want a buddy is because most of the people in my life don't really understand what I'm going through...
  • KiXxjudaxX

    I need a buddy too

    I am a 14 year old girl. Im 5'2 and i weigh 151 pounds. Im looking for a buddy my age or close to it. She doesn't have to be the same weight as me it doesnt matter as long as we keep each other up. You can text me on kik mine is dont4getmeever.✌txt me soon.
  • SashaLove52

    Weightloss Partner

    I am a teen who weighs 214 pounds. I really need to lose weight because diabetes and cancer run in my family. My ideal weight is 135-140, meaning i have 64 pounds to lose. If anyone is interested please kik me @SashaLove52, Email @ me at KookTaeBaek@gmail.com, or snapchat me @mizz_gotswag
  • chillsam

    I need a weight loss buddy

    Im 15 turning 16 in May. I need to lose 50lbs to get down to 150-160lbs before August. We can kik,instagram or snapchat each other. Btw im a girl who is 5'3.