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Im being stalked by a guy


i'm very upset.There is a guy who is stalking me for over 2 yrs.He is an aquantance who i met 4 or 5 times in life.
ive been suffering from a life threatening illness for the past few yrs, it got worse gradually over the past few yrs. by 2011 i was homebound , only leaving home to go to dr appointments, hospital, pick up things from drugstore, supermarket.
so i guess im more vulnerable to being stalked becuause i have been going through a hard time to begin with, plus emotionally weak.
he ran into me at a store one time in 2010,atleast i think that was a coincidence

then i left to go home, he invited me to meet him days later. due to being sick at home i didnt go, rejected him.

it was weird because he seemed to be upset or angry that i didnt go to see him. after that weird things started to happen. i started seeing things about me written on his webpage and his social networking webpages.
also talking about me on his youtube channel.

i figured it was my fault, i felt guilty like maybe he just misses me because i left the day without talking to him.

i thought like his weird behavior was my fault.

the weird things being put up about me on his websites continue even until today.. but i noticed within a few months he hacked into my home computer. he knows where i live, my name, enough info to find me where i am.

he hacked my computer hard drive, began talking about things i wrote in my password protected live journal account and other activity i did online, things i wrote,websites i visited, etc that no one who hasnt used my computer would know about. he must have gotten the passwords to my internet accounts by key logging or other things
i think he went far as to hack into my cell phone, he might have hired a private investigator because he followed me onto the net, followed me into chat rooms pretending to be different people, made up different indentitites. then he wanted me to think im losing my mind or paranoid by telling me personal things about myself my family, things about him only he would know. to make me paranoid.

one time he followed me into a chat room sent me a message telling me he is the guy i ran into at the store, then telling me perverted comments, then cursing at me. he admitted to me it is him following me in chat rooms, hacking my computer by dping that. he told me he is angry that i didnt stop to talk to him.

he made up another identity online (catfish) in order to talk to me, for months i didnt realize anything. he would tell me he loved me, other weird things. then ask to see me on the webcam. he told me he is angry i wont send him pictures or go on webcam.later on he began telling me hints, things no one knows, that it is him. but by using 1 or 2 clue words. like he would tell me he picked up a brochure for a mexico vacation. when a few days before the guy stalker wrote on his real facebook that he is in mexico for the week.

other things using code words to make me think im going crazy,

i realised a few weeks ago who it is, i got proof , another chatter in the chatroom helped by finding out about him and i understood better so i stopped answering his text messsages on messenger.

but he tried to contact me still even tho i didnt answer the messages. then because i didnt answer he posted things directed at me on his facebook account to terrorize me about hacking my comp

he made 10 or 15 fake identities online, even pretended to be a woman once, telling me the same things, threetening me, telling me personal things about me, like stuff that is written on my birth certificate, things about my family members immigration status, my personal health record information,court information. things connected to my social security number. he told me things even most family members of mine dont know.
he would tell me that he bugged my parents home where i live, with hidden cameras. he told me hes watching me, can see me in my home.
he told me that he can hear my cell phone calls and he repeated back to me certain ohrases and personal things i talked to my parents on the phone about.

he even told me weird personal details about me like what i ate for lunch that day, what color shoes im wearing.. etc i didnt wamt to be creeped out so i ignored it. but he was correct about them

my parents dont listen to me, they dont care or want to talk to me, so ive been alone on this with no one to talk to. they dont care when i told them someone is bothering, stelking me. he knows alot about me, more than even neighbors or long time friends would know. he must have done serious stalking, monitoring of my families daily life, dug up everything there is connected to my social security number, maybe he hired a detective. i dont know, but i never saw anyone following me around when i go out of the house

he knew the name of my elderly grandmothers nurse.

i know he is a sociopath/psychopath. he fits every sign of being a psychopath, i didnt even realize it until he was mean or i actually came to my senses understood whats been going on the last few years.

i think by finding info on me he found out personal things that im more vulnerable than most he thinks he can bother me.

ivee been very tired, in a haze with neuroligical impairments due to my life threetening illness, i wasnt sure if i would get this far or survive because i almost died a few times in the past 3 yrs due to my symptoms being severe. so ive been focused on that, at home trying to survive. i have terrible physical pain every day, terrible symptoms from my illness that disable me alot of the time. so i cannot work.

but over the last few weeks ive been able to think more normally like i used to, seeing things for how they are instead of pretending everything is ok. thats probably why i chatted to him for the time because had trouble understanding

things got worse in october tho, i had a mild tia stroke which kept me completely homebound. i havent gone out of the house the entire winter becauve ive been sleepy indoors due to that. too weak to even go anywhere

ive been focused on recovering physically, very very scared. at times i didnt think i would live. the stroke was due to the illness because if untreated it can go to that, my doctors havent found any cure for it yet.

but i think ill be okay physicelly, i found an idea for alternative thing to get well. but im fighting.....

but since my neuroligical symptoms are beggining to improve im become more full, alert to details things going on, emotions. im going crazy thinking about what the S did to me, just beggining to realize it. i havent felt anger in like years im beggining to feel this rage going kokoo freaked out at what the guy did.
i thought i would have panick attack, severely painful. im worried do not have peace of mind because of the stalking , humiliation, tricks, harrasment.

im a worry wart so i worry like 100 times a day about the same thing, even small things, i have like worry ocd about it. im sensitive so things upset me seriosely, then i cannot think of anything else for days.

im going nuts, not sure how to respond.

even tho i have to worry about getting well from my life threatening illness, i cennot even work or see any friends because of it. that this guy stalking me is getting in the way of im thinking about that, worried about the S.

why did he stalk me, pretend to be different people? make up different identities like the catfish thing on the net.why did he type perverted things to me or tell me he loves me or ask to see me on cam or pics?

why is he writing things about me, making horrible remarks about me online. bullying?

he dosnt seem to care that im in pain every day or have a serios illness/disabilities to deal with. he was telling me weird thing like he wants to have a baby with me, told me he will rape me to have a baby, weird things.

he is a musician , he wrote horrible songs about me with non true things in them, accusing me of things that he made up, perverted horrible words in the songs. i couldnt pay attention to that because i was too sick to realize things. but im thinking about the songs he wrote and its creeping me out, stuff about me getting undressed, kissing him. other sicko things

he is taunting me on his webpage, twitter about how he has written recorded new songs about me to put on the new cd his band is recording. i heard some of the lyrics and its horrible what it says.

its strange, i dont know whats going on in his mind. i never went on any date with him or kissed him or any romantic relationship with him but he thinks im his girlfriend i think. in his mind.

he is married too. i think he is fabricating rumors about me, or twisting true facts to e mean, pick on me.

he somehow got my cell phone number which no one but my parents have and his wife called me up to make loud sex noises moaning into the phone .. that is creepy. i kept getting phone calls from the blocked number to harrass me. i have problems hearing sexual things because of trauma abuse i went through as child, it triggers some ptsd. i feel like disgusted, corrupted i dont need to be around that thing

the new song i heard from his band is about how im trying to steal her husband and how she called me on the phone to do revenge at me so that i dont try to marry him instead, it talks about me how i heard the sound of them doing sex . that i cannot stop, break up their family, children, that she will fight against ,, with terrible insulting words in it against me, things about shooting guns,blood ...

delusional. its gross because i never liked her husband. he must have been telling terrible rumors about me. do S create lies, rumors about people? they have kids . its insulting because i cannot have children or marry due to my illness. she is bragging, picking on me victimising me. so that he dosnt look bad.. i might even die from my illness in even a few months and they would be singing that about me, not even care

those are bad people. she has an antisocial personality disorder too, histrionic i think. which explains the drama, jump to conclusions, believe everything, exhibitionist, terrorize people,attention

anyway their cd the entire thing is aboiut bashing and humiliating me. even tho im in terrible pain every day they dont care. no conscience.

he is married so why is he stalking me, telling me he loves me

ive never been in any relationship, there was never any romance with him.

i think he wants to create drama, make me nervous or make me feel bad about myself. i dont even know why.

he calls me derogetory words over the net, whore etc even tho i never kissed eny guy ever or been on a date

why did i become the target. im trying to think of why, find answers but theres none. maybe he spotted a weak, empathetic person. i dont know.

why am i focused on him when i need to focus on saving my life? i guess i think i should multitask, take care of everything.

im humiliated by the songs about me that they are putting on their new cd to sing for live audiences. it sounds horrible. derogetory., laughing at me, making fun of me

how do i deal with cruelty from people who dont care. ive become a target to bully, i try to avoid people

i heve no peace of mind. i have no one to talk to about this, so im venting here. i really need good things, not people picking on me or psychopaths terrorizing , bullying



Yes, it is, and I have gone through something kind of similar, being stalked and harassed online. This woman is my ex's girlfriend, so I can't really get her out of my life because my ex and I have a son. I hear you, no peice of mind, traumatic stress, sleeping disorders. How can people get away with this? How is there no protection in our justice system? Cyberstalking is illegal, but very very hard to prove. I am sorry you are dealing with this, you are NOT alone, okay? I appreciate you sharing your story, because I too have felt alone. Nobody believes me, I am made out to be the crazy one. It hurts so much......

yes it is hurtful to be bullied. i have nowhere to vent the last few years, embarrased and confused ,scared people will think im crazy. i feel helpless , like im not able to decide how my life goes due to the dumb situation. i have nothing against the S . im even afraid he is reading this now and upset at me. i dont know why, i was thinking to myself maybe its my fault, how is this my fault, maybe i got his attention or i shouldnt have replied to his messages. but i cannot reason that, i dont think i need to feel guilty. i need to not be negative i didnt say hello today i want to be bullied or in a relationship with the S. that was not my plan.
i was manipulated, lied to.. they were fishing for information from me too. i waited untill i came to my senses, realized what might be going on gained back mental strength to be able to tell myself to not answer his text message. its like he trained me to become dependant on answering the text messages, pregrammed.
but anyways the timing is bad because it took me like 2 yrs to realize what is going on, understand.

i know what ive been going through each day, my side of the story but i wont be negative about myself. i feel weird that the guy i was chatting to is married. i never had any intention to be in any internet relationship with a married guy, i dont blame anyone. i dont know if S know the difference of what theyre doing. but who knows maybe he had friends chat to me telling them what to say...
i guess he wants me to feel awful about myself. but i do not... he will win if i do . im a wonderful person.

i might not ever know why the heck he contacted me to do an internet game,stalking. maybe to torture me beause i seem gullible, or he was annoyed with me, or missed me , under an impression? i dont know

anyways S sees people as objects i heard, so even if he liked me, thought i was pretty, fell i love with me which might be the case. then he would act towards me as if im a doorstopper or window .he woulld have eventually turned against me if i wasnt what he expected. or didnt want to be controlled. maybe he feels rejected, or i made a nice impression on him, that he couldnt stop thinking about me ,maybe he was hurt by missing me....or pretending to be hurt, lonely,, abandoned.. to get pity from me, which he did, but i was confused at the same time what he wanted, in denial when he talked about things about me. so he went to find me then do a game against me.

or maybe he found out i wasnt what he thought i am, so he had to do manipulation game against me. its strange because he accused me in the text message that im doing a game against him, make me feel guilty,accuse me of being out to get him, which he did that many times, self reflect while talking to me under different identities even having an actor go on webcam one time for me to reelly think its not him so that i doubt my own thoughts, think im going crazy. he knew i had a history of self doubt, low self esteem.

whatever he did is wreckless, he could have contacted me instead saying hi its me bob, hello.this is what i was going to tell you bla bla. he had my phone number through hacking. maybe he knew if he was truthful who he is contact me like other people do, then i would tell him i dont love him or not interested in him

i guess i have to pretend to be evil to go along with the game he made up in order to win by torturing me while making me look like the idiot. i was in the wrong place wrong time. if i didnt run into him in 2010, if i wasnt sick. then this wouldnt have happened. i would have never known he was insane,

i dont even know if he is done stalking me. i didnt answer my pm a few days ago. but he is still focused on me and how much ive hurt him, he probably thinks that because i didnt do what he asked

do you think he is dangerous? would harm me or kill me? becuause of the no boundaries,he could be watching me now like he said he can see me in my home with hidden cameras according to the threats he said in the pm.
he told me about wanting to go to my house to harm me when my parents arent home.

police told me i need solid evidence, they told me the text messages were too vague that its not big enough proof, that they were under the impression that im his internet friend, not a stalker because i chatted with him,was friendly. then the police even told me he was probably an internet psychic when i asked them why he told me he knows personal details about me, was correct about the details.

i like peace, to be left alone... im nervous and have no problem with anyone else that i know. if im not in danger thats fine.

how do i know if im in danger?
he might have killed someone already and gotten away with it, then bragging about it. there is some rumor i heard. i hope it is not true, but he said strange things to me related to it

i hope to keep him away from me. how would i get him to stop hacking my computer,phone ?

i feel bad talking about him, but am venting here, have no one to talk to. it is difficult to deal with. losing sense if well being

Gosh, yes he is definately a psycho/sociopath.

I so feel for you. They seem to love to pick on someone who is weak and vulnerable. Gosh, I read all of your post, just everything. And its how they do the same thing my socio ex

Stalked me
Hacked my email, Facebook, read my phone messages and my personal information
Did a smear campaign on me, told lies about me
Would say things to make me think I was going crazy

So, yes, it is typical behaviour. i know it can be so difficult to deal with. its late for me here in UK I am about to go to bed. My advice would be stick to this board, you get amazing help and support. And although it sounds crazy it really DOESN'T to us, because we have experienced it too.

They are very sick twisted individuals. Remember what he desires the most is control. So, its important not to let him have any clue that he has control over you. Is there anyway that you can block him on facebook, dont look at his youtube videos. Close the door to get him out of your life.

But I know that with them, it is not always that easy. They love drama, mine did too, he also loved to call me derogatory names, slut was his favourite I think - that and others - and that was considering I had never been with anyone at all in the time I knew him or for 7/8 months before I was with him. They love to play sick and twisted mind games and they love vulnerable people to play with too.

Because they are weak. Thats why.

Nice to meet you, I hope to hear more from you. You will get good support on this board, and will help to give you strength :)

Am also wondering do you have a local womens aid, for domestic violence in your area? As I think that they might be able to help if you explain to them what is happening and what is going on.

they have a domestic violence group nearby, i can call them. but it is mainly for shelters to hide from abusers, they might have advice

this what you experienced is terrible. I´m really sorry. But how can they hack your computer? Or your cellphone? This cyber stalking freaks me out....

Well I am pretty sure the only way to hack your things is to know what your passwords are. Keyloggers are software that you can manually install into someone's computer, or send it as an email attachment that is disguised and it records the keystrokes you type, and sends that info to the hackers computer then bang, they have your passwords. I am sure there are ways to check with Command Prompt if your computer has one, although I don't know how advanced and hidden keyloggers can be today. Ive never used one myself personally. The only way for you to download it from email is if you click on it. It can be disguised as a link to something, anything. Other than that, I don't know how easy it is to gain access to someones computer. I "hacked" into one of the false alias's of my stalker. It wasn't hard. If you know the person well enough, then you know answers to their security questions. Like "mothers birthplace". You should be very careful not to put the actual place your mother was born! pick something nobody would figure out in your email account. It is scary. What is worse than knowing who your stalker is? NOT KNOWING. Cyberstalking I think can cause even more psychological trauma in some cases

I think Sociopaths are very good at finding out information about you. My S has the ability to disarm people, they open up to her. I did it, I mentioned an astrology website to her after I had a couple of beers, didn't think she was going to go through all the forum posts to find out who was me and then subscribe to me. Even in this group I am paranoid she COULD be watching me. It's not a good way to live, stalking causes major psychological trauma. I'm sure you heard of Amanda Todd? Girl at 15 who committed suicide because some sociopath stalked her, sexually blackmailed her and turned everyone at her school against her. She didn't live that far from me. Anonymous New Jersey found the guy who did it, but the RCMP in Canada don't know shit about computers. They didn't help her family and they didn't help me. It is so frusterating, I am sure the cybercrime laws are sort of similar in America, but I don't know.

i think it was not a good idea to post this. i realized that they can read this if they can see what im doing on the computer. so i insulted them, im worried i dont want to insult anyone.

i was upset, lost my mind, went to vent at the computer. i dont know if they are psychopath, maybe im name calling. assuming things. it was bothering me severely out of nowhere. i had a bad week. was confused...

i think it is best if i ignore others, even if i felt hurt by what i assume. ill be quiet , mind my own business look for other things not associated with them.

maybe i can get computer help to block any hacker or virus on it. i do like privacy, i dont like the idea if someone is saying they can watch me with cameras. or use the bathroom.

ill focus on my own things and not talk about others on the internet.

how do i delete this post?

can anyone delete it?

the thread*

delete the entire thread

Before I knew he was a sociopath, my ex told me in a joking manner that it´s easy to break into somebodies email, you just click "I forgot my password" and then you enter your email adress and the password just comes to you. It´s creepy!

@ turkeyprincess

You cannot cut yourself off from the outside world, otherwise he wins in the game of intimidation and manipulation. You need supprt from others. Check that you don't have a keylogger on your computer (as mentioned above), if he has installed one then he can read your emails etc from another (remote) computer.

It makes me angry that this man has made you so afraid. You must take steps to remove his influence from your life. He definitely sounds like a sociopath with his smear campaigning and all round disordered behaviour. What sort of person sits at the computer all day pretending to be different (made up) people (?)

I would try making another email account and totally new password, if you can get your computer formatted, this will erase any keylogger spyware that may be lurking in the background. I'm sure there is software to protect your computer from hackers. You must take a stand against this moron, who is obviously enjoying tormenting you.

Your story is hard to believe. It is so unbelievable! I read all of this whole post with my jaw dropped! Let me just say that I believe everything you are saying!! There are people in this world that do what you are describing. However, I DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT HE IS TELLING YOU. It is easy to find out information about people online. Get online, stalk yourself, it is like opening pandora's box one tid bit of information leads to another. Google your email address, use search engines such as these listed here. Spokeo is also a stalkers dream. Find out what is out there about you and try to delete it! People like this can also read people very easily, you probably gave him most of the information without even knowing it. These people have a way about playing with your mind, you have to break free and sever all contact from this person to get your mind working right. I bet you think that this person is powerful, and has the capability to destroy you if you do anything to stop his harassment. Right? HE DOES NOT! He has conditioned you to believe that! They are predators and work in the same way that a pedophile does with is/her victims.
I attracted stalker type men, I think it was a combo of my kindness, naivety, and past experiences. IT ISN’T YOUR FAULT OR ANYTHING YOU DID!! Something about you flipped a switch in his head, once this switch is flipped it is hard to turn off! Do as much research as you can about people who do this type of stalking. Watch and I know they are just TV shows, but easier for me to understand than reading psychology mumbo jumbo what has been going on around me most of my young adult life. Do you best to live your life as normally as you could. DO NOT SHOW THEM THAT YOU ARE SCARED OR WEAK! I know it is scary and I understand what you are going through on a smaller scale. They crave power, and they feel ultimate power when they can control, and intimidate other people. He is getting his rocks off knowing what he is doing to you. Never allow anyone to take your power like that. At the same time be careful, you don’t know how the minds of sick people work. Keep calling the cops, and involving authorities . MAKE THEM LISTEN TO YOU, MAKE THE POLICE DO THEIR JOB, they are paid to protect the public, they work for you. Notify social websites about harassment some of them are taking things serious such as youtube, anything you flag as a threat is taken serious and accounts will be deleted. Do not lay down or try to ignore what is going on. STAND UP FOR YOURELF. You can do it, you are strong enough to come here and get support and that is a huge start!

i know i should not do that. i was confused about what i was supposed to do.was afraid of this person.

your right. i dont know why any grown adult would sit at a computer pretending to be different people to trick and manipulate someone, get them involved with the wrong things. that sounds immature like someone in highschool or 7th grade might do or find funny, buy not for 2 years.

this person is 29. something is wrong with them, the disordered behavior, the not caring about who is embarrased or not caring what people think of him.

the S is some type of computer expert because i made many new screen names and email adresses and passwords, he found them all.

what is the best brand of antivirus program for the computer, i dont know how to check if i have a keylogger because i dont know anything about computer, only how to use the internet.

he told me many times that im his wife or girlfriend over the im messages so maybe in his mind he has the right to stalk me, read everything on my computer,spy on me. maybe he thinks he owns me. but even any normal husband wouldnt stalk,read everything their wife is doing. thats not respectful. thats controlling
he has no privacy boundaries. no concern for me how im doing or if im okay, it is about him and that i didnt meet his expectations or do what he wanted.

he has made vague weird threats to me when under the fake identity, telling me that he knows where i live and that he knew my parents were going away out of the country for 2 weeks (how did he know that, i never put aything about that on my computer, and my parents didnt tell me they are going away until a few days after this S guy told me on the computer) he knew before i did that my parents were going away and on what date. he might be hacking my entire famlies phones

i asked my parents if ther going away then they told me they are and on what day they are leaving and that was the same day the stalker told me on the internet that they are leaving. how did he know this and other personal details about my famly. he told me i would be alone at home when my parents were away for the 2 weeks and that he would go over to my house to harm me.he told me disturbing things that since im his wife(i am not his wife) he will show up at my home to rape me, kidnap me and force me to have a baby with him. he mentioned something about driving me to the canadian border to canada to sell me for money. it is strange. he told me he will cut my phone service at home so no one will hear me call , that i cant call 911 or anyone

that was in december and my parents came back after the 2 weeks my older sister stayed here an no one showed up to the home. no one was harmed.

he does things to force me to worry to make me paranoid and scared. i live with my parents still,i am 29 but i have a serious illness so its more diffcult to look out for myself then most people.

i am worried because my family will be going away again for a week ,and i canont go with them. they are leaving me home alone in the big house with no one. and i found out this guy,stalker might be visiting my city, nearby during the same time. he mentioned the end of march when he will be visting new york.

if he shows up will not hesitate to use any weapon to defend myself. he sounds crazy like he can kill me. he owns guns, he has written about guns and shooting involving me, which is creepy.
i dont own any gun.

i dont know the level of crazyness that he is , i dont know if he wants to terrorize me and make empty threats,,make me live in fear for nothing or actually have me killed. maybe ive been spied on and he found out everything and i was getting strange contact on the net from other people because he hired a hit man to watch me, find out things about me then kill me. i have no idea.

but i am worried that my parents are going away in a few weeks for aweek and ill be by myself at home, and the sicko will be visiting the next town over like 15 minutes away from me for his job ,( with the music band he is in) and theres no one around here.

its stange he lives a few states away and he wasnt in my state in december i think that was a threat only. but he is chosing to go to my city, state near where i live when my parents go out of town when he knows ill be by myself , it is weird.

i think these s like certain patterns or numbers or dates. this guy makes up odd riddles ,puzzles to solve . which i have heard serial killers do on tv. . maybe that has to do with this. maybe he wants to harm me, on a certain date that means something to him, to go alone with the strange smear campaign against me , i dont know.

what he has done is write some threats against me in song lyrics that were coded, riddle, diffcult to interpret and then follow that with an action related to the lyrics later on associated with the words he wrote. the last song from last year were about calling me on the phone to do revenge at me, which he did he followed that by doing what he said he is going to do in the song, he called my cell phone on a certain important date in his life to do revenge at me.
the latest song since then has words about shooting, bullets and blood on me. which is the newest words he has written about me in the past few weeks. if he follows that with an action against me also, then does that mean he is going to harm , kill me.i dont know. i dont know how he thinks. but he does own guns
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