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Trigeminal neuralgia, or Tic Douloureux, is a neuropathic disorder of the trigeminal nerve that causes episodes of intense pain in the eyes, lips, nose, scalp, forehead, and jaw. Trigeminal neuralgia is considered by many to be among the most painful of conditions.

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Abscess Tooth

Hey All...

Good News I finally have insurance... woo hoo...

I also have an abscess tooth with no Dental.. OK I guess one good thing then one bad... Can a girl catch a break?

I'm going tomorrow to get a root canal.. 1st one so I'm scared.. This is the same tooth that seems to be my trigger.. but no disease showed up on my x-ray... I'm sure now because I have a full blown abscess on my gum.. Soo gross... Anyway.. What am I in for tomorrow?



God bless you. You are going to need it. TN is hell on earth!!

hang in there baby!!

I was in the same exact boat as you yesterday! FIrst root canal and nothing showed up on x-rays. Anyways, it was not bad at all! It didn't hurt and I felt immediate relief. The numbness and pain I've been having since I was diagnosed with TN is now gone. My dentist actually believes this was the cause of all my problems. The tooth I had the root canal on was also my trigger point. I feel like a new person since I had it done.
Good luck. I'm sure you will feel so much better after you get it done.

Thank you Beth.... I hate the pain... I'm scared but ready for relief

BostenTN glad you got insurance its priceless for many....Hope the trip to the dentist goes well..My husband got his MRI yesteday and now we go back for some tests then going to do MVD I pray that he comes back to me...These meds are so strong he can't remember much of anything it so darn scary. Question to all he is on Tegretol was anyone on that and had a MVD and your memory improved when you were wean off of on lower dose...or off complete? Thanks


Be carefull; make the dentist prove to you it's an abcessed tooth cause I have spent a fortune on x-rays only to find it was the TN causing my pain. It's a very normal pain sensation for TN. All your pain logicly points to a bad tooth which is a "No Brainer" for the dentest.. Fortuneately I had an honest one.

Many dentistets wouldn't say anything if it wasn't a bad tooth once in there. They wouldn't wish to be held responsable for unnessessary work done. All the evendence is gone after a root cannal, that is if there was an absess in the first place......they don't know about TN. They would say that insurence is paying for it anyway.

I wait a few days and the pain meraculously fades. Those are my symtoms though, you may have a bad tooth.
Don't be taken advantage of. A root cannal is' gravey' money to a dentest.

forgot to say that the pain comes back when the flare returns. It even can feel like it's in the same tooth. I know- it happened to me.

Hey all,

Thanks for your support... I had the root canal today... it wasn't so bad.. Mike... thank you for the warning... I started with the dentist when this began... and he diagnosed my TN.. I had an abscess no doubt... it was gross... it was a large bubble on my gum.. My dentist drained the infection... put me on antibiotic and also put antibiotic in each of the roots... My tooth was dead.. I wouldn't know because it was capped... the only reason I knew it was an abscess was the large mass with icky puss in it... sooo gross..

I didn't have a flare up... yet... keeping my fingers crossed... Karen
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