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Trichotillomania by proxy

Hello! I'm new here and this is my first time posting. I found this group with the hope that I can gain insights to help my 15-yr-old daughter who not only pulls her own hair but also the fur, whiskers and eyebrows of our 3 cats. She pulls the cat hair that is "the wrong color" and does much damage to our poor cats' faces! Her therapist almost reported her for animal abuse. Therapy didn't seem to work for my daughter nor did trying to replace the behavior. Punishment didn't work. Rewards didn't work. She is tearing our family apart because we are all so angry that she abuses our cats, but we don't want to get rid of them either. What can we do to help her overcome this behavior? Nothing we try seems to help so I figured I would come to the experts here on this support group. Any advice is appreciated! 



Hello. Please read my post re probiotics and trichotillomania that I just posted today. I have struggled for many years, off and on, with trich. I am desperate to stop pulling and am going to try probiotics. I hope it will help your daughter to stop pulling.

I feel the anxiety in my fingertips, so when I feel the need to pull I pull the hair out of pipe cleaners. I'm sure you've heard that keeping the fingers busy is important, i find that the pipe cleaners work since i get the same feeling in my hands

I feel really badly for your daughter and you as her parent watching the craziness and hope you can find something to help her. Until you can, I know you don't want to give your kitties up but for their protection I beg of you to try and find a way to relocate them. It truly is animal abuse and they are helpless. Thank you for being honest about what is happening. I too have trich and find myself feeling out of control frequently but I would sacrifice every hair on my body before I would ever harm my beloved pets. I'm sorry if I sound judgmental; I understand the insanity of the self destructive behavior of pulling her own hair but not the abuse of another...please keep trying to find professional help and please get those cats out of harms way.... I wish I could tell you that I have a solution; I seem to be having mild success with MSM powder and citric acid powder. Some days are better than others... praying for all of you....

I just have a few questions. Does she feel remorse when she hurts the cats? What does she enjoy about pulling her own hair and her pets'? This could just help in those regards in understanding why she's doing it and what you can do to help her.
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