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so many questions

hey ! 

i have this really weird habit especially when i'm stressed( almost all the time) to scratch my face and hair. my skull has my scab now and i try to take them out because it's very ugly which just make my habit worse..

any help please

(i don't know if this is trico)



That's actually considered excoriation (the scab picking). I've tried a number of things to stop doing this, cutting my nails, counting my fingers, wearing my hair in a ponytail. Sometimes they work, other times it feels like a losing battle...I only pick at the ones in my hair, it's my disturbing little secret.

okay now i now how to label it thanks!
but is it scratching you ?? all the time ?

I scratch until there is a scab, then I pick off the scabs, usually while I'm driving. I think I like how the pain feels, its freeing. Sometimes I will put rubbing alcohol on it, the stinging sensation make me feel something when emotional I feel nothing. Occasionally I get acne and I'll pick those off too. Its an ugly compulsion but I have no other coping mechanisms for my anxiety. When I was on antidepressants I didn't do this very often.

its sort of dermatillomania
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