Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling) Support Group

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Picking-itching Scabs on body

For decades now, i get scabs on arms and back, i pick til they bleed, they scab i pick again, i know its related to my nerves,anxiety issues and often boredom, i have no clue how to stop.

i cant ever wear cute tank tops that expose my back. i try to cover with makeup which sort of works. i dont know if im allergic to crap too like dust mites, dairy or sugar that causes the breakouts in first place, i have to BAKE In the sun, real or fake tanning beds to clear up the acne, and then of course i have years of scar tissue, lighter skin ( spots ) pigmentation.  this is even all over the sides of my face from acne from my youth...

im 45 and dont feel pretty.....



When did your skin picking behavior start?
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