Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling) Support Group

Impulsive control disorder is the inability to resist an urge, temptation, or impulse, even when it may cause negative effects to the self or to others. If you or a loved one suffers from impulsive contorl disorder, join the community to find support and share your challenges with others who know what you're going through.

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looking for someone to talk to ..

I'm looking for someone who can talk and listen. Someone who I can text or call when I wanna pull. Someone I can trust with my secrets. Someone who can help me out. Dm me your snapchat or something, please. I just need someone right now 



I can share with you my issues and would love to hear yours. Hope to hear back!

I definitely need the same type of support. Let me know the best way to get in touch.

Hey people. I also need someone to talk to! Please let me hear from you!
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    Intrusive thoughts

    anyone here have intrusive thoughts? I've been having some. I know they are irrational. They are about evil spirits and things like that. I hate it I always try to defeat th thoughts but I can't. Sometimes in the middle of the night I'll wake up and it's almost like a panic attack idk. I need advice thanks
  • LeoLost


    I feel awkward to say it,due to the fact that I feel guilty. But nevertheless I have been pulling my hair for quite some time and don't know how to speak about it. I joined this to seek out for some support. I have gotten to the point of bald patches. I don't know how to control it most of the time, can anybody send some advice my way.