Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling) Support Group

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just joined and definitely needed to

hi everyone! i am so glad i found this website because i had no idea trich was even a thing - i thought i was crazy. I'm completely freaking out because i feel like i have done some perminent damage and i'm so scared. Usually my hair will grow back pretty quick, but tonight i am convinced (with the help of self diagnosis via the internet) that my hair won't grow back. The spots where i have been pulling from are now completely smooth/(bald?) and i'm scared my hair won't grow back - please help!!!! Has anyone picked to the point where their patches have gone smooth?? and if so do i have any hope in having my hair grow back? ):



Hey there, I'm glad you have discovered this group! I have been pulling hair from my head for 15 years. I have pulled the same area to being perfectly smooth many times and it has always come back, don't let the internet scare you! For me, it comes in thin and wispy at first then thickens out over time. When it's perfectly smooth it does take the longest to grow back in.

I don't know your story so I can't say for sure. I've heard that eventually it can stop coming back but this has yet to happen to me. Just cause it's smooth doesn't mean there is no hope!
One product that has helped me is Ovation shampoo and regrowth cream. It's a little pricey but I find it really works.
I hope this is encouraging to you! :)

Agreed, don't believe when you read that it won't grow back, back in my early trich days most of my anxiety cycled round the constant fear that the hair wouldnt grow back. IT WILL. It takes a a while but try to forget about it, exercising, eating well, and getting some sun are all good for increasing rates of hair growth as well as reducing anxiety :)