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I've never gone to a doctor or a therapist to see if I have trichotillomania... But after reading trough some of the posts on here I'm 99.9% positive that I have it. I've been dealing with it for about four years, I was 13 turning 14 years old. I am almost 18 now. I imagine a future everyday where I can just let my hair down and not have to cover certain spots. When I first started pulling it was on top of my head where there was a sore spot (for some reason those seem to be the best spots to pull) I ended up with about a quarter size bald spot. When it was that small it was very easy to hide. Then I started to pull around the bald spot and then the bald spot gradually ended up being about the size of my fist. I still am able to cover it -- I have a lot of hair. Well I don't have a bald spot anymore but I still pull and the hair that has grown back is in various lengths because of pulling and cutting it to my scalp -- my hair that has grown back isn't smooth like my other hair, it has a ruff texture (which makes me want to pull it out even more) and the hair that has grown back is fuzzy so if I don't braid my hair and just have it in a pony tail it's super noticeable that I have some weird hairs. I want to stop. I pull when I'm watching tv and I yell at myself every time. If I didn't love with my parents still (still in high school) I would not worry about hiding it at home. I hide it from my family. My mom knew when I first started and she didn't know why I did (neither did I) she doesn't know that it I'll continue to pull. She thinks that it was just that one time. It would be nice if I had daily motivation to help me stop. 



Know you're not alone. That's important when searching for a way to deal with Trich. I'm a 27 yr old female and I've been searching for "tricks" (no pun intended :D) to help me over the years. Please let me know if these help you. This is my first post/comment in a group for us, ever!

1. I wear make up. If I put on mascara- I won't touch my eyelashes.
2. I have mastered using an eyebrow pencil - and is you use one - you won't touch those either:)
3. I take time to actually curl my hair - and then hairspray it. The feeling of "frozen" hair ... turns me off from pulling.

I've found spending time and effort into the above trains yourself to be more mindful and conscious of what you're touching or pulling.

While you're watching tv - color in a book. Or draw/doodle. Keep your hand occupied- always!

PM me is you have any questions ! I've tried to make this short and to the point. And I've been living with this forever.

Much love!!

Thank you! I tend not to touch my eyelashes and eyebrows. But I will try the hairspray trick. I also am taking showers daily because I can't pull when it's wet.

Hey! I have had trich since I was really little. I started pulling my eyelashes and when my mom Found out we were so scared of what my friends would say to me so we went to a therapist. That worked for about 4 years, then something triggered it again but this time on my head. It got to the point where I had so many bald spots that I just said "hey mom, can we shave my head?" She was hesitant at first but when it was done it felt so good to be free from that burden. I took that large amount of time that I had with no hair to pull to be happy and enjoy life without all the bullying and odd looks. My hair is growing back evenly but I still get the urge to pull every once in a while but I have this rubber band I keep on my wrist and every time my hand goes up in that direction I snap the band. This is a bit random but I just want to say that I'm here if you or anyone else needs to talk.

Thank you! I love my hair and hate it all the same time. I don't think I will shave mine. I will try the rubber band trick!
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    Hi I'm JessI'm new to this but hoping I can get some support and know I'm not alone. So I've suffered from Trichotillomania for about a year now. I used to have super long, thick, dark hair that I loved! But thanks to school I started pulling. My mother made a comment saying "what ever you're doing to you hair stop it. It's starting to look ratty". Thanks Mum. It did wonders for my self esteem