Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling) Support Group

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Constantly triggered

Hey guys, new here but been dealing with trich for about ~10 years, about 7 years of pulling the hairs on my head. I had a year of almost no hair-pulling but now it's back in full force and I'm triggered and really anxious about it all the time lately. I know it's partially caused by stress from school and work but lately even looking at my hair in the mirror, like bald patches or the short ones growing in that look weird, makes me feel really frustrated/upset/ashamed. Which then of course leads to more stressing and pulling. Even reading about trich seems to trigger me sometimes. I know I've been taking more anti-anxiety meds than I should lately but sometimes I can't sleep because I'm so anxious or upset. Music helps, meditation does sometimes but it does less.

I just don't know what to do? I have no one to talk to about it who understands, and I think I'm the most self-conscious about telling friends or close ones because I know they'll just continue looking at/examining my hair from that point. I've gone to a psychologist who was nice but unhelpful, been on SSRIs and ditched them cause I didn't like it. I can't afford seeing an expensive trich speciailist.

How do you guys deal with triggers? It's really hard to escape the triggering feeling once it happens, unless I get super distracted by something else. I might try just wearing a hat all the time or something...



You're not alone. I've also been dealing with trich for years. It started when my parents divorced when I was 12. All it took was someone to notice and I stopped but it came back when I was 23 and I've been dealing with it since (6 years). I have yet to find a way to stop. It seems to get worse and worse. I don't talk to anyone about it because I find it embarrassing so I turned to this group hoping to meet people to talk about it with.

Me too