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Hearing Aid Noise Maskers

Has anyone tried a hearing aid type device that serves as a noise masker? My hearing is fine but my tinnitus has gone up in volume from a #1 or #2 to about a #5 in volume over the past two months. I was exposed to loud music without ear plugs two months ago. I've had a mild tinnitus for about 25 years and never considered it a serious problem until now.



the V.A. tyed 2 hearin aids on me-made the ringin worse.....then they tyed 2 in the ear maskers-they told me to turn them up above the ringin-i put them up all the way & i still could hear the ringin in my left ear...i took home only the r.ear masker[still use it some,when the ringin gets above 130 D's]wore it all day for yrs-it retrained me alitte so i could bare the "T"....i have tyed everything & the masker[& a sound mach.]are the only things that have worked for me[now i m broke-lol]... the masker has 2 kinds of white noise[the kind of noise that if u hear that & don't have "T" they put u away]thats how bad "t" is,but third on the list of the worse things to have[& still be alive]after chronic pain & vertigo.............but a masker only wks in about 16% of all cases[hope u r 1 of the few!]it's just another noise,but it's better then"T" sounds!and by the way i can still hear the "T" under a blastin shower,lawn mower,chain saw,etc-etc.......................oh-i do cry out to Jesus alot!!!

What is the sound machine you mentioned and how do you measure the level of your T? I'm new to this raging tinnitus and....oh-i am crying out to Jesus alot!!!
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