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This is a group where we are trying to raise awareness of this chronic disease. This disease effects nearly 20% of the population...and is a very serious illness that should not be taken lightly.

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i have a extremely bad headache and im finding it difficult to stay awake. i havent had any other symptoms yet, and hopefully i don't. please tel me whats going on!



I am not sure but that is not a shunt malfuntions problem I have ever heard of. that doesn't mean that it is not it just means I have not heard. Have you been check for some sort of infection. I know when I get Bladder infection I can't stay awake

I also get major headaches, I have been told all is working fine,so I am also told that the barometric pressures changes effect hydrocephalus patients.
Try talking with Debbi Fields at the National Hydrocephalus Foundation, she is full of tricks of the trade sorta speak.

Hi! My name is Hopeful. grizz1y is write on the money with the barometric pressure changes. It does affect hydrocephalus patients.

But as far as the major headaches goes, I have met a new neurologist that has told me that Mag-oxide is a new drug that the neurologists are trying on patients that suffer from headaches and those sorts of things that usually require "cocktails" type of meds. to try to lower the pain temporialy.
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