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A community for teens to talk about everything you wanted to know about sex: attraction, pregnancy, abstinence, STDs, and everything in-between.

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  • deleted_user

    I want to be a boy...

    im a girl but i feel trapped in this body, i want to be a boy. i tried to tell my mum but i don't think she really got it
  • karinamaria

    My "problem"

    I am a girl but I have a sexual problem.I can't achieve an orgasm.I will masturbate for 30+ minutes and nothing happens.Once my clit pulsed but that was it.I want to be able to climax.Because of this I wish I was a boy for sexual reasons.Can someone please help?Am I the only "weird" one?
  • deleted_user

    Welcome to the group

    This is the place to discuss and share issues related to sexuality.