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  • girlinneed


    i need to talk. I'm stressed because it's like people find any excuse to turn on me. I was going to a friends house. But it would take me a while to get there and I still had to get ready. I said okay I gotta get ready text the others to come along. So then they refused to come and got mad at me since I didn't invite them myself. Even though it's not my house and it would be weird if me to invite...
  • thevoidofdreams


    so uh. i've been friends with this person for like 4/5 years and i just messed the whole relationship up a few days ago because i did something bad and they wont respond to me and i feel like they want to end the friendship with me and if they do i'll probably end up uh,,, killing myself and im really scared abt it and idk what to do?? i really want to be friends with them though even if i did do...
  • savandann

    What should I do now

    My life was so freaking amazing until jan 2017. I met my 1st "love". Anyway we were together for a day and I broke up with him because my friends had told me things about how bad of a person he was. I wish I would've listened. A couple days after i broke up with him he told me he had changed and I was different. I believed him. why? because i was in love. no boy had ever talked to me before. He...
  • lostlittlesoul


    ok so, im 13 and i started talking to this guy over the summer, he was 14 at the time, he just turned 15 in august. (i'll turn 14 in december so no biggie!) well he is homeschooled, and i go to he c public we've grown up in very different places, he's protected, im nt. he has both his parents at home, they love him, pretty stable life. my dad's been mostly absent and on meth my whole life, like...
  • Trent_is_me_

    My girlfriend

    I need some advice so my girlfriend she hasn't texted me back in a while and usually she texts back when she can but its different every day use she lives in england and I live in Michigan and she just doesn't seem like herself what should I do should I be with her not be with her should I be worryed she doesn't want me.
  • bnrokenandlost


    I broke up with my boyfriend. I felt like it was the right thing to do, I kept attacking him and questioning his motives, it got so bad he would snap back. He was an amazing boyfriend with a  troubled past. He made me feel amazing. He has been through allot, but he is caring, kind, smart, unique and absolutely special. Now I see that I pushed him away, and now I know how horrible I was to him. I...
  • bnrokenandlost


    I tend to push poeple away from me before I become too devoted, I always regret it and feel guilty. Recently left my boyfriend (he was a bit manipulative) my anxiety came in to it and I kept stressing things, worried he would leave me, I would tell him he was manipulative, yell at him for talking about his exes, telll him to stop being so physical. Maybe he wasn't maybe I was just stressing. I...
  • jadexrose

    Manipulative Ex

    My ex boyfriend played all kinds of games with me. He made me believe that he loved me when he really only saw me as a sexual object. He continues to message me and play games with me, making me believe that he's vulnerable and needs a friend to get me into a conversation with him, and once I know he's having a bad time, I lose the ability to stand up for myself, and he ends up saying things that...
  • rose123


    im 16 and 34 weeks pregnant... I had suspicions that my boyfriend was cheating on me and he admitted some of it after months of lies. He said it had been happening for a few months but he loved me and it would stop. Yesterday I found more... it was still happening! I found a snapchat I never knew he had and it broke me he's promised he won't do it again but I have no trust and I'm broken
  • NutMeg

    Please Help Me With This Breakup

    I have been dating this really nice guy for seven and a half months and a month ago a made the horrible decision of telling my close friend my boyfriend's closely guarded secret that was not mine to share. Three weeks ago my boyfriend found out what I had done and somehow found the strength to forgive me in the moment but we were only texting. I was more upset than he was and I didn't understand...
  • deleted_user

    im confused & need advice

    i have a baby on the way by this guy i am dating, but i feel like our relationship is falling apart & getting hard because i dont trust him and he is sneaky and will NEVER admit to anything but i love him & everytime i try to leave him he cry and gets depressed. i dont trust him and my sister around eachother beacause i dont know whats going on when im at home but its been a time my sister said...
  • littlefinger

    Confued. Please help

    Have been in love with this person for 3 years now.2013When I first met her, we used to be really close. She used to call me cute and play with my hair. But at that time, she had a boyfriend. I still told her I loved her and asked her if she is happy with her current relationship. She said she only sees me as a friend and her boyfriend is perfect for her. After that we weren't so close for the...
  •     One summer at camp, I told a guy I liked him, (I don't anymore, but he still thinks I do). The guy I like now was basically my wingman back then, now much later, I tell this other guy I like him...but he just walked away.    Then he started running, and even smirked back at me playfully so I was confused. Eventually we talked it out, and he thought he made it pretty clear that he DIDN'T...
  • emily.rosaria

    PTSD affecting my relationship

    I've just recently been diagnosed with PTSD and just started dating my boyfriend. We've been together for nine months and i don't get the lovey dovey feelings i should feel i know I love him and i'll get feelings for a little while but then they'll go away. Is this a part of my PTSD from a previous relationship that is making me feel emotionally detattched and if it is why and how can I fix this...
  • girlinneed


    im sad and stressed. Need to talk. Please help.