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A community to discuss ways to get fit and healthy, share exercise routines, and talk about building muscle and physical endurance. You have questions and you are not alone in asking them. Talk to many others and get answers and support to meet your fitness goals.

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  • searchingforbalance

    Accountability Partner

    Hi, any girls out there need an accountability partner? I'm an 18 year old girl who has been struggling with years of binge eating. I'm finally starting to "get myself together" mental and physical health-wise but I think an accountability partner would be helpful. Let me know if you're interested/looking for accountability as well! Thanks so much!! 
  • hails.xo

    weight loss buddy

    hi, i'm hailee and im 15 years old and currently 330 pounds. i know i'm fat, but that's the whole reason why i'm on here. i need someone to motivate me and don't let me slip up when i feel down. i've always been big, kind of runs in my family. kik: @haileewheatleysnap: @haileewheatleyor email: hailee.reece9@gmail.comthanks :)
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  • Lil.bookworm

    Help with fitness

    Hi, I'm currently trying to lose weight but I wanted to know if anybody has any ideas of how to be able to enjoy a workout and also lose weight. I am already quite active because I play netball at a high level and go to the gym and swim, but I don't seem to be losing as much weight as I want to. Does anyone know what I should be doing?
  • deleted_user

    Trying to get back into shape

    What is a good fitness program for someone looking to get back into shape?
  • deleted_user

    Trying to lose weight but not gain muscle.

    I have extremely muscular legs which I don't like. My calves are bigger than most guys doing sports in my college! I feel this is down to them having to work harder due to my HMS. I'm okay with working out but I don't work as hard or enjoy it because I can feel all my leg muscles working (in a good way because they're so toned) and I feel like they're getting bigger. I want to be able to lose...
  • alexismoore

    motivation buddy

    Hi I am recently graduated and I have started to notice i am putting on a few pounds. I have tried multiple times to change my ways and get healthy but I always wind up giving in to the junk food and being lazy. Just looking for someone to help keep me on track that can talk often. Maybe I could do the same in return :)
  • my workout schedule is as of now:mondays, wednesdays, fridays running tuesdays, thursdays strength training is this enough? my running consists of 4-6 miles a run, and my strength training is vigorous, lasting 1-2 hours. needing some support and inspiration! thanks guys
  • deleted_user

    stress and struggles

    hi! so lately i've been crazy stressed, soccer tryouts are coming up in two weeks and a possible determining factor of whether or not you'll make the team is going to be a two mile run. i'm not much of a runner, but for the past few days i've been running 3 miles a day to try and get myself ready. I've also been in a pretty long struggle to get off some fat and look and feel a little better about...
  • deleted_user

    Welcome to the group

    This is the place to discuss ways to get fit and healthy, share exercise routines, and talk about building muscle and physical endurance.