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Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder characterized by brief interruptions of breathing during sleep. People with sleep apnea partially awaken as they struggle to breathe, but in the morning they may not be aware of sleep disturbances.

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  • seekinanws

    ex trying to use sleep apnea in access to my kid

    sonmy ex wants me to sign a document where they want the folllowing thst I always use the machine when my kid is at my plAcethat I make an appointment with sleep clinic on 5 days after signing the documentIs this unreasonable that
  • panda87

    Sleep, what's that?

    Hello everyone!I'm new to the group but not to DS. I decided to come back after a hiatus because I've been experiencing some really rough health issues and am in need of support.I've always had trouble sleeping from the time I was a small child. It always took me forever to fall asleeprey, no matter how tired I was. I also had issues with being able to stay asleep. I remember getting in trouble...
  • Midas426

    Didgeridoo instrument for sleep apnea.

    I was diagnosed with OSA in January 2015 and have since been on a CPAP machine.    For the most part I've been adjusting ok to it.   I'm always trying to look for the latest out there to treat sleep apnea.   I was watching on Netflix Season 1 of this game show called The Chase (based on a UK show) and a question came up regarding an instrument that they supposed to have with sleep...
  • Billybob

    Central sleep apnea

    I've just been diagnosed with central sleep apnea, I'm not sure what to expect next, got appointment with my sleep dr in 10 days time, what should i expect at this appointment
  • mosesport

    I really think my sleep apnea is killing me. :/

    So... It's been a long journey with OSA. Diagnosed in 2010. CPAP worked for about 2 years... Then just kinda stopped working. I haven't had insurance in almost 4 years. My work doesn't provide insurance. I don't make enough to afford a personal plan, but I make too much to qualify for government assistance. I applied for Obamacare a few years back, but my only options were over $250 per month. I...
  • Toddo

    Fishy Diagnosis & Process

    Hi there.  New to this group.  I would appreciate any thoughts on my situation.  I was feeling tired for many years and my doctor sent me in for a sleep test for apnea.  They gave me a portable unit to use at home. The tech, a nice guy, told me that there were 3 possible outcomes:  1) I would be positive for apnea, 2) I would be negative and 3) It would be inconclusive.  Since the machine...
  • jamesstevens

    New Member: Have questions

    Hi:  I recently had two operations to repair a badly broken arm and both times my oxygen sats were so low post op they kept me overnight, recommending a sleep study to verify suspected sleep apnea.  In addition I had an operation 20 years ago for a broken nose and the same thing happened then, but no recommendation or any mention of sleep apnea.  Long story short, I have sleep apnea and...
  • Memere-2-4


    I have my water full,  heater on,  tube insulted ...and I still get such a dry my lips are stuck together dry......I have had the setting at 1 right up to 5 (highest) and that just makes raindrops in my nosemask while I am sleeping and wakes me up.What else can I do.... I have tried with the hose uninsulted and it makes no difference HelpCotton Mouth Joe
  • Danielle-Chenier

    Is too high a humidity setting for CPAP dangerous?

    High, because yesterday I had a major nosebleed when I woke up and a very dry mouth, I upped the humidity setting on my CPAP by one notch. This morning, when I turned I my back, I realized that drops of water were spilling from the mask.Is there a risk that water got in my lungs overnight? I set it back to the previous setting this morning, but am concerned.
  • INA1032

    Newly diagnosed Sleep Apnea

    I am a migraine sufferer and after a couple of years of my daily regimen of 25mg Topamax no longer keeping my migraines at bay, I sought treatment from a neurologist. I had a CT scan of my sinuses (nothing), an MRI with contrast (nothing there either) so the neurologist put me on a medication and sent me on my way...and a bill. I wasn't happy so I sought a 2nd opinion from a neurology group about...
  • stuartheatherington

    New CPAP Mask coming soon...No Headgear, No Leaks

    SNAP CPAP, which you haven't heard of yet, but will pretty soon, is an adhesive based cpap mask that is applied under the nose with two patches, removing all of the headgear from the interface. It seals perfectly against the skin and never leaks, providing patients the smallest and lightest cpap mask on the market. If anyone out there would be interested in learning more, please reach out to me...
  • Kit_Kat85


    Not sure how active this group is...  but I was wondering if anyone has used FitBit or any other kind of non-medical "fitness monitor" to track their sleep patterns?
  • RascalFlattsFan

    Anyone get fitted for an oral device?

    I started the process to be fitted with an oral device that will take the place of my bi-pap machine. The devices, there are several, are very scary looking to me. Like something in a nightmare. The dentist I saw told me which ones were the most popular. And which ones people my age, early 60's, usually like. It's a long process from beginning to end but I have a feeling I'm not even going...
  • Intakevalve


    0 Anyone try this?
  • ericastinson


    I have been on my Cpap for about 3 months. I took Tobit really well. My Apneas were around 5 or less up until last week. I started have more. It has been between 5 and 21. I just order a new cushion for my mask. Thinking I may be having leaks. But is says on my machine my seal has been good. Anyone have this problem? Or know what be causing me to have more Apneas all the sudden?4