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Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder characterized by brief interruptions of breathing during sleep. People with sleep apnea partially awaken as they struggle to breathe, but in the morning they may not be aware of sleep disturbances.

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  • Sleepymom

    Sleep apnea and bedwetting?!

    Hi. I’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea for almost 5 years. After I got my cpap machine I was a new person and slept great! The last year I have noticed I have not been getting the same great sleep as before. My husband also told me I am snoring again, which was odd because I hadn’t snored in years because of my machine. I noticed myself ripping my mask off during the night and waking...
  • Seamus

    Each night takes more of my life away...

    I don't have a CPAP machine... yet. I can't afford it just yet. Everyone I know that has one, hates it.I've had Apnea for years now. It was never all that bad. But I've had to move into my dads home to take care of him. He's quite old and has many anger issues. We actually get along quite well though. He's a borderline Hoarder as well. If you asked him, he would tell you he's a Collector. I...
  • haylesc78

    alternative therapies for sleep aponea

    i have severe obstructive sleep apnea i have had a cpap machine for several months but have been unable to sleep wearing it as i have a very dry cough and I'm permenantly congested due to clenching my teeth in my sleep i have a humidifier that connects to my cpap machine which makes no difference as the air from the cpap machine makes me choke i learned that when i first start to doze off to...
  • rnk

    need advice about severe dry eye

    I have been using a CPAP machine for years, very compliantly. I use a Philip's Respironics Whisp mask, and I recently was diagnosed with severe dry eye, most likely brought about by air seeping through the mask into my eyes while I sleep. I have seen several doctors, and the most recent doctor prescribed Xiiadra. After the first dose of drops, I realized I am allergic to the medication, which is...
  • Midas426

    Didgeridoo instrument for sleep apnea.

    I was diagnosed with OSA in January 2015 and have since been on a CPAP machine.    For the most part I've been adjusting ok to it.   I'm always trying to look for the latest out there to treat sleep apnea.   I was watching on Netflix Season 1 of this game show called The Chase (based on a UK show) and a question came up regarding an instrument that they supposed to have with sleep...
  • Jeanine

    CSA and insomnia

    Hello. I was just diagnosed with Central SA and had my third sleep study night before last. What can I expect next? 
  • art4life19

    Hi I'm art and I'm new here. can't wear a mask.

    I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea and I can't sleep with a mask on and suggestions? I feel clostraphobic with the mask on and i don't want to be so restricted to something when i sleep.I tried to wear the mask to sleep for the sleep study and I couldn't wear it and sleep it was so uncomfortable and it pulls and sucks at your face and blows air in the mask it is very uncomfortable. Any...
  • Bonnie5657

    Trap In a body :what went wrong

    As my days and nights goes my heart beats from happiness to sadness I wonder why it happen to me,just looking in a mirror makes me sad and sickness due to my body and weight am so ashame to have mirrors in my present I feel helpless sometimes I let it  not to get the best of me but am a very strong I don't give up fast am pulling forward I refuse to go backward I love myself and the beauty  in...
  • terryamerriam

    I want to get rid of snoring.

    Hey! I am from Mississauga. I have been suffering from snoring for the past few years. But I was not bothered about it. Now my situation has changed,. I am going to get married. I have only three months to prepare for my marriage. The first thing I have to do is to get rid of my snoring habit. I have heard of anti snoring devices (...
  • Ephraimh

    CPAP mask leaks

    I've been on CPAP for 10+ years & my mask leaks and leaks and .... especially after a pressure increase.  Can someone recommend masks that have good reputations being easy to seal and good at controlling leaks?I have only used Resmed Activa Nasal, Resmed Quattro full face.  The cushion seems flimsy where it meets the skin.  I have very little use of my fimgers so the Quattro clips are...
  • Sleepingbeauty85

    So sleepy

    I've had sleep apnea for a while and haven't used my machine much I would rather have had the surgery but I was instructed to use the CPAP instead I really hate it but I feel my body is shutting down cause I'm that exhausted a lot other things are happening that makes it hard to Carry through The day idk what to do anymore
  • seekinanws

    ex trying to use sleep apnea in access to my kid

    sonmy ex wants me to sign a document where they want the folllowing thst I always use the machine when my kid is at my plAcethat I make an appointment with sleep clinic on 5 days after signing the documentIs this unreasonable that
  • panda87

    Sleep, what's that?

    Hello everyone!I'm new to the group but not to DS. I decided to come back after a hiatus because I've been experiencing some really rough health issues and am in need of support.I've always had trouble sleeping from the time I was a small child. It always took me forever to fall asleeprey, no matter how tired I was. I also had issues with being able to stay asleep. I remember getting in trouble...
  • Billybob

    Central sleep apnea

    I've just been diagnosed with central sleep apnea, I'm not sure what to expect next, got appointment with my sleep dr in 10 days time, what should i expect at this appointment
  • mosesport

    I really think my sleep apnea is killing me. :/

    So... It's been a long journey with OSA. Diagnosed in 2010. CPAP worked for about 2 years... Then just kinda stopped working. I haven't had insurance in almost 4 years. My work doesn't provide insurance. I don't make enough to afford a personal plan, but I make too much to qualify for government assistance. I applied for Obamacare a few years back, but my only options were over $250 per month. I...