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Rocky Mountain spotted fever is the most severe and most frequently reported rickettsial illness in the United States, and has been diagnosed throughout the Americas. The disease is caused by Rickettsia rickettsii, a species of bacteria that is spread to humans by hard ticks.

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Long Lasting Effects?

Are there any lingering effects from RMSF? Since then I've had toe infections and back problems to name a few.



my brother was a victim of RMSF years ago and recently began having lots of health problems chest pains, tired all the time, joints all messed up. The sad thing is they just dont know the long term affects of this. My brother was only 24 hrs away from death. The ER doc told my mom that if we would of waited any longer he would not be here the next morning. it was real scary for the whole family. He does not have real memories of his childhood, just what we have told him. Maybe in time they willunderstand the diese better. will keep in touch

I too have chest pains, joint pain, and am tired all the time. I had RMSF when I was 16/17 and Lymes when I was 2. I know these diseases can weaken your eternal organs and make you feel very tired. I am in karate and because of Lymes and RMSF I have to be more cautious than other martial artists. I am always hurting my joints because the ligaments are weak and give me no support. If you begin to experience joint pain or weakness you should see your doctor immediately to get any help they can provide you. Because ALL of my joints are weak and come out of socket all my doctors can do is manage my pain and give me an array of braces to wear depending on my activity level for the day. No matter what, do NOT let any doctor make you feel like you are going crazy. This is your life and you need to make sure your stand up for yourself. You know if you are in pain or if something is not right. Make sure they help you the best they can.

I'm struggling with headaches and I become tired very easily. I also have short term memory issues and struggle to find the right words at times. I also have a lost some of my ability to focus and really think through things the way I use to on my job. Others have reported these symptoms as well on some of the other forums that I read. I did have brain fog as well but I've started taking Savella in small doses and this is helping the headaches and the brain fog. I have not had any localized infections like toe infections however it makes sense we need to be more careful with any bacterial infection as our body is already busy fighting RSMF. I also have joint and muscle aches. I find hot baths/hot tubs and yoga help with these so they may help with your back pain. I recommend seeing a physical therapist to help you get the right exercises for your back. It can make quite a difference. Doing the wrong stretches makes it worse or leaves it the way it is. The right stretch can really help.
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